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Build Assembly Slow!! 2 Hours to record 1 transaction



Like other people on the site since my jan/feb 2019 update I've been having tremendous problems with performance on building assemblies, it takes up an hour or two to record one simple transaction, when its recording all of my other users lock I have 10 other users and my database is 1.5 GB approx, help!! I'm reading some other users are having this problem also, and support is not helpful we need an fix to this ASAP i have 1 month of backlog of assembly builds my inventory reports are useless without this info being updated, I've tried changing the data layout, creating new items, condensing my data, deleting 2017 and older transactions and nothing works!

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Build Assembly Slow!! 2 Hours to record 1 transaction

Hi mariogriffin,


Our record shows that this issue has been reported to our engineers. They're investigating what's causing it and is working on a fix. For now, let's make sure your QuickBooks Desktop is updated to the latest release. This process can help resolve any performance issues.


I'd also recommend contacting our Phone Support Team so they can add your company information to the lists of affected users.


Here's how you can get our contact information:

  1. Click Help located at the top, and choose Support.
  2. Scroll down until you see the Additional resources, then click the Contact Us link.
  3. Choose any topic and under option 2, click the Get Phone Number or Start a Message button.

We appreciate your patience. Please let us know if you have other questions or concerns.