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Call from "Quickbooks Support Team" - Fraud?

I just received a call from someone claiming to be from Quickbooks Support Team.  He gave me phone number [removed] and said his name was Ronald.  He had an Indian accent.  He claimed they were trying to do an automatic security upgrade and for some reason it was not working on our system.  This seems like a scam.  I gave them no information but he did have the first name of the owner.  I told him I'd call back when I have time.  I asked him to clarify that he is with Quickbooks and he confirmed.  I have NEVER received a call from QB.  Is this a scam?

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Re: Call from "Quickbooks Support Team" - Fraud?

Yea, like the guy from Microsoft that has detected a problem with my Windows. 


I do use a PC, but often say On my Mac?  Other times I just put the phone on mute and just set it down.  I think they usually get a ways into their script before they realize they're no longer talking to anyone.  Figure it keeps them from bothering at least one or two other people during the time they gabbing to themselves.


And a serious note for anyone reading this that doesn't already know....   ANY time you get a call from someone and you're not sure why.  HANG UP!  Then go get the number from your statement back of your card or whatever and call the REAL number and ask if they needed to talk to you.  Bet the only time it might be real is your Credit Card Fraud department.  And they'll tell you they have no problem with you hanging up on them can calling back on your own.  (Doubt you get points, but it shows them you're not frivolous with your info.)


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Re: Call from "Quickbooks Support Team" - Fraud?

Hi @Posie.


Thank you for reaching out to the Community about this. 


I'll be happy to help clear up if that was a scam call.


From what you described, it sounds like that was a scam phone call. Good job not providing any personal information. 


Intuit may occasionally do outbound calls. If you receive one of these calls, you shouldn't be asked for any personal information. 


@PeteMc provided some great information about what to do in these situations.


The proper contact number can be found, here.


Please remember, I'm always here for any other questions or concerns so don't hesitate to reach out.

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Re: Call from "Quickbooks Support Team" - Fraud?

Twice this week, my phone caller ID showed I was calling from my own number to my own number and the name was there, too. Yes, they are scams.

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Re: Call from "Quickbooks Support Team" - Fraud?

I've never seen my number, but I ALWAYS see area code and exchange.


My business land line run through a FAX machine and quite honestly I only use it for outgoing calls and never get clients (new or old) calling in on it.  So when I see one of those numbers I really know is bogus, I just hit the Answer on the FAX machine.  If it's a large SPAM Call Center I'm just hoping their software drops my number thinking it's a dedicated FAX line.  [Please don't burst my bubble...]


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Re: Call from "Quickbooks Support Team" - Fraud?

I just received a call from "Intuit Pro" with the number [removed] on the caller ID.  The guy (Indian accent but that doesn't mean anything) claimed he was calling about a "404 error".  I cut him off and hung up.  I then contacted the real Intuit support folks who confirmed that this was a scam.


I guess there are enough gullible people out there to make these scams worthwhile.   Stay vigilant!


Pete O.

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Re: Call from "Quickbooks Support Team" - Fraud?

Thanks for joining this conversation, @PeteO.


I appreciate you sharing this incident here in the Community. This information will set as an early warning for other QuickBooks users.


To avoid these scam phone calls, we highly recommend not including any private information such as personal/business phone numbers and personal/business email addresses when posting here in the Community.


Just in case, here is the QuickBooks Offical Contact Us link.


That's it! Thanks for being a part of our QuickBooks family. Should you have any other concerns, don't hesitate to post again or leave a comment below. Take care and have a good one.

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Re: Call from "Quickbooks Support Team" - Fraud?

I would like to share a similar situation that happened to me yesterday.  I am brand new to QB.  In frustration with learning the new product, I posted a question regarding importing data into QB Desktop for Mac.  I never put any personal information in my post - just a question about more information being available for using a standard menu step IMPORT.  Within 20 minutes of my posting, I received a call from someone who was from Quickbooks Pro Advisors Help.  He called the number on my registration with QB - he knew what problems I was having with QB - said that they represent QB in helping companies set up their data.  Here is the strange thing, he said he could help me by converting my previous data into QB files.

He then asked to use logmein to access my computer.  At the time, I was unable to work on this.  He simply told me to call him back at X phone number and that they would need 45 minutes to get me up and running. He carried on about it being a recorded line, etc

Out of frustration not receiving any other credible information on my question,  I googled the 800 number and it referenced their site.  I weighed the coincidence of a random call from a scammer with the fact that I just posted something and they called me at the correct phone number asking for the correct person 20 minutes after I posted something.  

I thought - this is AWESOME service.  I am on my way to creating my QB experience.  Regrettably, I called them back, allowed them to sign into my computer for about 10 minutes, showed them a little of what I was needing to have explained and then it happened - he asked me to show him the application I am using to accept payments from my customers.  then the bells started going off - the logo they use on their site is a little different from the real QB.  They were not as certain as to how to answer my questions - I got scammed and someone has access to my computer.

I shut down the connection and restarted my computer.

What I am trying to figure out is WHO is this Quickbooks Pro Advisors Help, HOW did they get my number to call, and is this something that COULD typically happen?  A legitimate QB Pro Advisor trying to help a newbie?  They never asked me for a payment, so this could be innocent enough on their part - understand my needs and offer me help that would result in a consultation fee.

I called intuit afterward, and they were not sure.

Anyone have a little advice as to whether I should be changing all of my Credit card numbers or re-initializing my computer right now?  Thanks.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Call from "Quickbooks Support Team" - Fraud?

Hello corkykane,


I appreciate you for reaching out to us and sharing your experience with the person claiming to be a QuickBooks ProAdvisors.


QuickBooks ProAdvisors are certified accountants that can guide you make better decisions for your business. However, you'll still need to look for one through our website for them to help.


Since you've mentioned that there were no payments involved, I recommend consulting an IT guy to check your computer system. It would be better to check if there are any programs or malicious software installed to ensure any sensitive information will be safe.


If you need assistance from our support, please ensure the phone number is from us. I'm adding the link I recommend below for your reference:


Please reach out to me here should you need any additional assistance. The Community is here to serve you.

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Re: Call from "Quickbooks Support Team" - Fraud?



I just parsed your Username here into a first and last name and Googled it. Is that You that is coming up in the search results? If so, see how easy it is to Pretend to be from Intuit?


Pro Advisors do not have access to the Intuit Customer database; Support would not call you like that, either.


So, yes, I would be worried and take whatever precautions would be necessary to lock the doors behind them, now. I cannot tell you about changing credit card or account numbers, etc, because only you know what they saw, had access to, might have Copied or Cloned, etc.