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Change cost of multiple items

Can anyone tell me how to change my "Cost" of a whole bunch of items at once, rather than having to open each one and update the cost manually?  I understand how to change the sales price of a bunch of items--go into the Customer area and I can change a bunch of prices by a percentage or lump sum.  Is there any way to do this when adjusting the COST?  (Our vendors are often changing our dealer cost so this is extremely time consuming).  Thanks. 

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Change cost of multiple items

Thanks for taking the time to post here in the Community, @OMC2019.


This time, there isn't an option to change the cost for multiple items at once. 


Yes, that's correct. You'll need to adjust the cost for a bunch of items by opening each item and manually update the cost information. For more details to guide you through adding, modifying and deleting items, you can check out this helpful article: Add, Edit, and Delete Items. This article also provides answers to your frequently asked questions about QuickBooks items. 


If you need answers while working in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT), you're always welcome to freely navigate all the help articles through the Community website.


Feel free to click the Reply button if you have follow-up concerns or should you need anything else, I'll be around to help. Have an awesome day, @OMC2019!