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Check Printing Problems

The message on the printer says, "Paper size or type is incorrect"


Any suggestions?



QuickBooks Team

Re: Check Printing Problems

Hey there, @thomasfbyrne,


Thanks for posting in the Community. I'd be happy to help you with printing checks in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.


Just to confirm, were you able to print other forms inside and outside QuickBooks except for checks? Also, are you using pre-printed check stocks from QuickBooks? Any details you can provide is extremely helpful for us to narrow things down.


If you can print on a regular paper but not on the pre-printed checks, it's possible that this is a printer related issue. I'd recommend contacting your Printer Customer Support so they can help you configure your printer settings. They can also provide in-depth instructions to get past the error you're getting.


Please update me on the outcome, @thomasfbyrne. I want to make sure you're taken care of. Have a lovely day!

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Re: Check Printing Problems

Check your printer documentation regarding pre printed check stock.

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Re: Check Printing Problems

When you go to print you get Apple's print dialog.  Sometimes this print dialog is not "expanded" and you don't see all the settings. There's a little drop down arrow to "expand" this window. Click on that and then inspect the page size that has been chosen.  It is probably not the size you need. You can measure the check stock to determine the correct page size.