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Confirm your ProAdvisor profile

Learn about the requirements you need to submit to confirm your ProAdvisor profile.

Before we publish your profile on the Find-a-ProAdvisor website, we'll verify your eligibility and confirm your profile information.

Before you confirm your profile

Upload a copy of a government-issued ID, such as a driver's license, state ID with your address, or a copy of your passport, to confirm your identity.

Make sure that the ID you submit is:

  • Clear enough to make out facial features
  • Unobstructed and uncropped
  • Valid and current, not expired
  • In a supported file format (PNG, JPG, or PDF)

Confirm your Find-a-ProAdvisor profile

Once you're satisfied with your profile, you can confirm it.

  1. Select the Profile icon on the Toolbar.
  2. Complete your profile.
  3. Visit
  4. Check for any missing or incorrect information and update it on the edit profile screen.
  5. Select Choose file to upload one of the suggested government-issued IDs.
  6. Select Submit.

Once your information is confirmed and your eligibility is verified, you will see your profile is published on the Find-a-ProAdvisor website. This can take up to three business days.

Frequently asked questions

The following sections give you answers to frequently asked questions about profiles and the verification process.

Why do I have to take this step to get my profile republished?

A: To ensure small businesses are connected with the right ProAdvisors, we need to confirm profile information and verify eligibility prior to publication on the Find-a-ProAdvisor directory.

Why are you asking me for a copy of my ID?

Government-issued identification helps us to confirm the information on your profile. We only use your government-issued ID to confirm your profile information. Once our review has been completed, we delete your ID within 14 days.

Where do you store my identification information after it has been uploaded?

The security of our products is always a top priority. Among other things, we safeguard customer information by encrypting it when it's stored in our systems and all our servers are protected with anti-virus software.

We only use your government-issued ID to confirm your identity when we review the information on your ProAdvisor profile. Once we finish our review, all ID documents you submit are purged within 14 days.

We do not supply your information to third parties.

I am getting an error saying that the file I've uploaded is too large. What is the maximum file size...

Our maximum file size is 1MB. If your file is larger than that, you can compress the file or save it in a different format to decrease its size and resubmit the file.

Why was I asked to re-submit a copy of my identification?

This usually means we weren't able to use the identification you submitted to confirm your profile.

This is generally for one of the following reasons:

  • Identification poor quality
  • Identification expired
  • Identification cannot be opened

To resolve this issue, resubmit a digital scan (or a photo taken with your phone) of one of the following:

  • Driver's license
  • State-issued ID with address
  • US Passport

To avoid being asked to resubmit your ID again, keep these tips in mind:

  • Photo ID must be clear enough to make out facial features
  • Uploaded images must be unobstructed and uncropped
  • Identification must not be expired
  • File must be in a supported file format (PNG, JPG, or PDF)

If I already submitted my ID, why did I get an email asking for more information?

Under some circumstances, we may ask you for more documentation to help us confirm your profile information. If we asked you for more information, submit one or more of the following:

  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Business License
  • Corporation Bylaws
  • Shareholders Agreement
  • Certificate of Limited Liability Partnership or Limited Partnership
  • CPA License information

To upload your additional documentation, go to and select Choose file.

What if I don't have any of those documents?

We need documents to confirm your profile and validate your eligibility to be published on our Find-A-ProAdvisor site.

If you have a firm name listed on your profile and do not have these documents for your business, please contact us to make your profile editable. You may remove the firm name and resubmit through You will be required to be signed in to use this.

What does it mean if I received an email about not complying with brand use guidelines?

The most common reasons for this are:

  • You use an Intuit brand in your website domain, company name, or email address
  • You display materials misrepresent your affiliation with Intuit
  • Your website displays Intuit brands or brand elements outside of the use allowed in the terms of service

Once you make the necessary changes to your website, company name, or email address, we will reconsider your application.

Make sure that your website or profile complies with our Brand Use guidelines.

I've already verified my profile, why am I being asked to re-verify?

You need to re-verify your profile, if you update any of the following personal and firm information:

  • First and last name
  • Firm name
  • Website
  • Address (including City and State/Territory)
  • Postal or postcode
  • Email address
  • Office phone
  • Mobile phone
  • Fax

This re-verification is temporary, and during this time your profile remains published. If your profile fails re-verification, you need to resubmit the required identity documents.

If you fail to resubmit the required documents within 7 days, your profile will be un-verified and removed from Find-a-ProAdvisor website.