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Connecting existing QBO and ProConnect accounts

I have a QBOA company account that was started in 2016. I have a ProConnect (formerly ITO) account started in 2009. I would like to connect the existing ProConnect to QBOA. How can this be done? Currently, the QBOA account connects to a blank ProConnect account. The existing ProConnect account has hundreds of clients and prior year returns, so manually copying a decade worth of data would be a pain. Thanks!

QuickBooks Team

Re: Connecting existing QBO and ProConnect accounts

Hi there, christie2.


There are two ways to integrate ProConnect with QuickBooks Online Accountant. First is within QBOA firm and the second one is within a client’s company. For further information about these processes, please refer to this article:

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Re: Connecting existing QBO and ProConnect accounts

Hi MikiD -

I am aware of how to access ProConnect through QB, but my QBOA account leads to a version of ProConnect which is completely blank - no clients, no firm information, nothing. I have a different ProConnect account which was started before QBOA existed, and it is full of clients. I want to bring my existing ProConnect account into my QBOA account so that all my existing clients can be accessed through my QBOA account. I am looking for a way to merge or import my existing firm.


QuickBooks Team

Re: Connecting existing QBO and ProConnect accounts

Let me route you to the team who can further help you with this, Christie.


I would recommend contacting our phone support to check why you see nothing when you access your pro connect account. They have more tools to check this further.

  1. Click the Help menu and choose Contact us.
  2. Write a short description of your concern and click Continue.
  3. Choose from Chat or Call us.

Feel free to reach out if there's anything that we can help.