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Converting 2003 ProDesktop version to a Mac desktop version

Good afternoon, 

 I am trying to convert a 2003 version to a Mac. I understand there is an article that has the step by step directions, however the link I have doesn't connect. Can you give me the link so I may proceed to my new Mac version? (If you are using a QuickBooks for Windows version that is earlier than 2009, you can still open your file in QuickBooks for Mac. It’ll just be a couple of steps more. An article on our support site explains exactly how to do this. QuickBooks for Windows files from 2010 to 2012 should convert as well, but are not officially supported. QuickBooks Enterprise files will not convert.)

When I choose the blue an article on our support site, there is nothing there. 

I currently am using a 2003 version that does not have the option to convert to Mac. 

Thank you


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QuickBooks Team

Re: Converting 2003 ProDesktop version to a Mac desktop version

Thank you for reaching out in the Community, @Chennard.


I'm here to help provide you the right article for the conversion. 


To know more about the restrictions, conversion errors, and the steps in preparing your QuickBooks Desktop for Mac file conversion, please check this article: Convert your Windows file to Mac.


This should help get you on the right track. Should you need more references in the future, you can also check our site: Help articles for QuickBooks Desktop.


Keep me posted if you have additional questions about the conversion process. I'll be here to help you further.