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Experienced Member

Customer history

We upgraded to QB Pro V18 R6.  We have to sign out and back in to retreive customer history. Is there a fix for this problem?

QuickBooks Team

Re: Customer history

Hello, bylllc.

I want to make sure you'll be able to retrieve your customer's history in QuickBooks Desktop. Let me help you get started.


In order to retrieve your customer's history into your QuickBooks Desktop, you'll need to restore a backup or portable copy of your company file.


Let me show you how:


  1. From the File menu, select Open or Restore Company.
  2. Select Restore a portable file, then select Next.
  3. Select the portable copy (.qbm), then select Open.
  4. Read through the Where do you want to restore the file? page, then select Next.
  5. Choose the location where you want to restore your portable file.
    Note: You can change the name of the portable file to prevent it from overwriting your existing file.
  6. Select Save.



Here's a helpful article that provides detailed information: Create or restore a QuickBooks portable company file.


Also, you may find this article helpful:


If you need more help with retrieving your customer's history into QuickBooks Desktop, don't hesitate to drop a reply below. I'll be around to help.

Experienced Member

Re: Customer history

When a customer comes in, we go to their account. Sometimes the history loads, sometimes it doesn't. If it doesn't load we have to sign out and then sign back in. I know this doesn't sound like a big deal but it happens 4-5 times a day and we are a very busy retail store. 



QuickBooks Team

Re: Customer history

Thanks for getting back to me, bylllc.

Allow me to help you further with retrieving your customer's history in QuickBooks Desktop.


To prevent any delays in response time, you can implement the steps below to optimize the performance of your QuickBooks Desktop.


Company Preferences:


  1. Log in to your company file as the Administrator.
  2. If in multi-user mode, go to File > Switch to Single User Mode.
  3. Once in single-user mode, go to the Edit, and then choose Preferences.
  4. From the left menu, select Bills.
  5. Select the Company Preferences Tab.
    1. Clear the Warn about duplicate bill numbers from the same vendor check box.
    2. Select Yes in the Save Changes window.
  6. From the left menu, choose Items & Inventory.
    1. Clear the Warn about duplicate purchase order numbers.
    2. Click Yes in the Save Changes window.
  7. From the left menu, choose Sales & Customers. Clear these check boxes:
    • Warn about duplicate invoice numbers.
    • Warn about duplicate Sales Order numbers.
    • Click Yes in the Save Changes window.
  8. From the left menu, choose Search.
    1. Clear the Update automatically checkbox.
    2. Click Yes in the Save Changes window.
    3. When all of the company preferences are set, click OK.

You can check out this recommended article for detailed steps and instructions: Resolve QuickBooks Desktop performance issues: Manage your data file.


Anytime you have questions or if you ran into a different situation with retrieving your customer's history, please let me know. I'll zip right back to you.