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Direct bank feeds

Hi there,

I had a situation where one day did not automatically download (about 6 transactions) so I imported from our bank. However, when I was sorting the csv file I mistakenly chose an incorrect amount for all six. What was uploaded was the actual bank balance instead of the transaction amount. How do I get rid of these transactions? I have since uploaded the correctly formatted cav file.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.


QuickBooks Team

Re: Direct bank feeds

Hi julieh2,


When you imported the transactions, they would have appeared in the For Review tab in the Banking page.


To remove the transactions:

  1. Click on the tick-boxes next to each transaction you want to remove.
  2. Click on the drop-down box that says Batch Actions that is above the table of transactions.
  3. Select 'Exclude Selected'. The transactions should now be in your Excluded tab.
  4. From the Excluded tab, select all the transactions and select Batch Actions.
  5. Click Delete. This will permanently remove them from your file.

Hope this helps!


Note that if you have Direct Feeds, the transactions feed through once a day. If you're finding that transactions aren't coming through, it's best to wait a day before manually uploading transactions, in case the transactions eventually come and and cause duplicates in the For Review tab. 

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Re: Direct bank feeds

Hi Bonny,


Thanks so much for your quick reply. I have followed your instructions and the issue has resolved. I will be keeping this note on file for future reference.

Again, many thanks for your reply.



QuickBooks Team

Re: Direct bank feeds

No problem Julie, always here to help! Smiley Happy