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Dividing Date Workaround

I have been unable to find a discussion about this:


When I have an Accountants Version and I am preparing a bank reconciliation, I on occasion have a deposit that is posted outside the dividing date (on accident). What seems right to me is to send it back to the client, have them make the change then send it back. This method seems cumbersome when the client is pressed for time, even though they are willing. 


*To clarify there is no error with the dividing date or any software error, this is purely looking at how to address when a deposit is posted to the wrong date and I am unable to change it because of the dividing date established.*


Does anyone have a recommended workaround, that will not compromise the integrity of the file? 


Your input is appreciated.

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Re: Dividing Date Workaround

There isn't a better way that than you suggest.  The system isn't designed for the case where the deposit has the wrong date - so wrong that it is on the wrong side of the dividing line.


Perhaps, have your client review/verify the transaction dates in their account register before creating the accountant copy.


That noted, the date of the deposit, being wrong, won't really break the reconciliation.  You can complete the reconciliation and then return the file and then tell the client to fix the date after  merging your changes.