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Error 262: Verify Name: Invalid sales tax code

QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2019

I have to rebuild by data every time I back up due to the following error:

Error: Verify Name: Invalid sales tax code. Rcrd = 3206 Ref = 3

Details: List 'Name', record name: 'E02868 Summer Party 062318"


I get this error for 120 customers/invoices. I have started checking every customer and invoice looking for the errors. I am checking the customers Sales Tax code selected and the invoice's sales tax code selected. I have found a couple of errors to correct but it doesn't remove the error from the verify data report when I do another backup. Sales tax is turned on. I have been using the feature for 12 years for this client and I didn't used to get this error. 

QuickBooks Team

Re: Error 262: Verify Name: Invalid sales tax code

These invoices might have been damaged that's causing the error when verifying your data, AveryAssistance.


You can use the QuickBooks File Doctor to resolve common data issues. Here's an article that'll guide you how to use the tool: QuickBooks File Doctor.


You might also need to delete the affected invoices before rebuilding the file once again. Just make sure to have a screenshot before you delete them. Once rebuild is successful, recreate them using the information from the screenshots. 


In case the error persists, please contact our Technical Support Team. They can help review the error logs and determine which transactions or tax codes are causing the issue. Here's how:


  1. Go to the Help menu and click QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  2. Click Contact Us.
  3. Enter a short description of the situation and click Continue.
  4.  Click Start Messaging or Get a callback.

Please click the Reply button below if you have other questions. 

Community Explorer **

Re: Error 262: Verify Name: Invalid sales tax code

Thanks for taking time to reply. I have used the File Doctor and it comes back with the results that there is nothing to repair. Manually deleting and recreating the invoices would be a very tedious and expensive process because there are many affected. How much does it cost to call customer service?



QuickBooks Team

Re: Error 262: Verify Name: Invalid sales tax code

Before reaching out to our customer care support, let's try one more troubleshooting step, AveryAssistance.


Let's uninstall and reinstall QuickBooks using a Super Clean install. This fixes company file issues. 


Although if you're still encountering the same error after doing the process, you can now get in touch with our technical support. We have different Care Plan billing options. You can choose whatever suits your needs. 


To contact them:

  1. Click Help inside QuickBooks.
  2. Select QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  3. In the Have a Question? window, click Contact us.
  4. Enter a brief detail about your issue, then click Continue.
  5. Choose either Message an Agent or Talk to a Specialist

You can post anytime in the Community if you have other concerns.