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Expense Reports - paypal, ebay, shipping

I want a report that shows all my expenses from all my sales for 2018 for paypal, ebay and shipping


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Re: Expense Reports - paypal, ebay, shipping

If you Sell through different "channels" such as eBay and Amazon, and get Paid through PayPal or Zelle, you have Two Different things.


Sales: you can track a customer Type, such as they are a PayPal Customer or an Amazon Customer or use Amazon as the customer name and don't need to track Actual Customer name at all. Or, customer Type = Amazon (for how they Shopped and found you) and Job Type = PayPal (for How they pay)


Payment Methods; When you enter a sales receipt or a Payment against an invoice, there is the ability to track by Payment Method, such as PayPal or Zelle or ACH or whatever. You make new Payment Methods, and attach them to Payment Types. Avoid using Payment Type = CC, since that triggers the Intuit Merchant Processing pop up.


When you want to see Expense over Income for a "sales channel" you would enable and use Class Tracking. Class = Store, eBay, Amazon. P&L by Class, then, and Bal Sheet by Class, and even Job Profit or Item Profit reporting for one specific Class, is used.