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Formal complaint

I have filed a complaint report before regarding the same thing. My boss Enrique Rocha received a call today on his cell phone, they left a message for him to call back. MIchael said we had error codes on our quickbooks that we cannot see, but they are being reported to them. These people (from India) call and say we have a problem, or I would call for desktop help and get them, and its because they would purposedly cause the problem when we had desktop quickbooks. They would tell us we would have to pay to have them fix it for diiferent amounts everytime $200, $400, $600. I would tell them I wasn't going to pay we had a plan with them to fix it. They said we had to pay to use the cloud, but they never sent us a bill. Today the guy that called his phone name is Michael (fake name) his number is [removed] ext #101. He again went through his spill about there being errors that we could not see them but they were effecting our quickbooks. I told him we have Quickbooks online. We do not have desktop, he still went on, then he mentioned the cloud again. I told him again we do not use the cloud we are online. It seemed like he backed off, but I'm sure they will call again and again. The admin account email address they are calling about is the admin account.  Please can you get them to stop calling us.


Thank you,

Tracy Davatolhagh

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Formal complaint

Hello, @tjdava79.


I appreciate you for voicing out your experience with these phone fraudsters. This information will set as an early warning for other QuickBooks users.


Please know that with your subscriptions comes a free customer and technical support. Here in QuickBooks, we don't charge our customers as long as they have subscribed to our Care Plans. This is true to all Intuit products both Online and Desktop. For more detailed information, you may check out this article: Intuit QuickBooks Desktop software support policies.


On the other hand, to avoid these scam phone calls, we highly recommend using the Contact Support options inside the QuickBooks software.  You have three ways to contact us:

  • Ask the Community
    • Please avoid including any private information such as personal/business phone numbers, personal/business email addresses or company name when posting here in the Community.
  • Message an Agent
  • Talk to a Specialist

Meanwhile, I'd strongly suggest to contact our Customer Care Team so a formal complaint would be filed against those people who keeps on calling you.


Here’s how:

  1. Go to Help.
  2. Choose QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  3. Click on the Contact us link.
  4. Choose Search for something else.
  5. Type in a keyword about your concern.
  6. Hit Submit.
  7. Click on the Start a Message button.

Lastly, I have these articles for further insights:

Don't hesitate to get back to me here in the Community if you have other questions. I’m just a few posts away.