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HQ and Remote Store quantities mis-match

I have a problem with inventory quantities mismatch between HQ and remote store for example:
Remote Store workstation says it have 6
HQ Workstation says that the remote store have 10
Remote store actually have 10 
I solve this problem by removing the bond between the two workstations and make it again and do store exchange cycle but unfortunately it happens again and again
Could anyone tell me what is the problem?

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QuickBooks Team

Re: HQ and Remote Store quantities mis-match

Hi there, islam_009.


It's possible there's a connection problem between your Headquarters (HQ) and Remote stores. Let's try switching the Store Exchange Communication Method to refresh the connection.


Here's how:


  1. Click File on the top menu.
  2. Select Preferences, then click Company.
  3. Choose Multi-Store and Store Exchange.
  4. Take note of the current preference.
  5. Select Not Used for each store and click Save.
  6. Re-open the Company Preferences window. Just go to File > Company Preferences > Multi-Store > Store Exchange.
  7. Re-enter the original company preference for each store's communication method and click Save.
  8. Perform another cycle of Store Exchange. Just click Stores, then choose Send File.

If the same thing happens, it would be best to contact our Point of Sale (POS) Technical Team. They'll further investigate what's causing this issue and help you match the inventory quantities between HQ and Remote store.


You can reach them in QuickBooks POS, just click Help on the top menu. Choose Contact us, then follow the onscreen instructions.


I found a helpful article for more details about troubleshooting store exchange errors:


You can always visit the Community if you need anything else.