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How many users can access at the same time?

We recently did the upgrade from QB Desktop Pro Plus 2016 to Pro Plus 2019. Everything we read said that all the basic features were the same for the new version, and that the new one included current updates for payroll, etc. 

Turns out that instead of 2 licenses, like we had with 2016, we now only have 1. And we're having issues when more than 1 user tries to log on to the account, even if we're in multi-user mode. 

One of our users was trying to log in while I was in the file, and she got the attached message. 

So in the new 2019 Desktop Pro Plus, how many users can access the file at the same time if we're in multi user mode? And how much would an additional license cost? I feel like we're being nickel and dimed here...

QB License.png

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Re: How many users can access at the same time?

Hi MonicaG,


If you only pay for 1 user license fee when you upgrade to Pro 2019, then you can only have 1 person at a time working in the system.  I suggest you check how many user license(s) you paid for when you did the upgrade.  If you have paid 2 user licenses, try to "Sync license data" under the "Manage My Licenses" under the Help menu.  


Hope it helps.  If not, I will just call the tech support to help.