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IIF Import Issue

Since the most recent update in QB Desktop, my client is unable to import their IIF files from Justworks.  When I review the process, it appears that QB is now reading Justworks as a customer.  I've tried changing the vendor name, but no luck.  Any ideas how to fix this?

QuickBooks Team

Re: IIF Import Issue

I appreciate you reaching out to the Community, coastalacct,


I'm here to provide information about importing IIF in QuickBooks Desktop.


QuickBooks improved IIF import tool which help eliminate the possibility of importing bad data by scanning your file for errors.


You can check out this article for more detailed information: Improved IIF Import in QuickBooks 2019.


I'd appreciate if you can update me on how it goes. I'm always here to help. Have a great day!

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Re: IIF Import Issue

Hi Mirriam,


I read all of that and researched elsewhere before I posted to this forum.  The problem is that QuickBooks is now reading the vendor bill as a customer invoice.  I have made several adjustments in an attempt to fix this, but they're not working.  


What changed, because these files used to import without error before the update?  The change is on the QB side, not Justworks.  How do I fix it?


Thank you,



QuickBooks Team

Re: IIF Import Issue

Hello there, @coastalacct.


Thank you for getting back in this thread and letting us know the result. 


We didn't change the setup for IFF import in QuickBooks Desktop. Most transaction type recognition errors are caused by incorrect mapping. To ensure that the vendor's bills aren't recognized as a customer invoice, please refer to the sample bill.iif file. It contains the recommended format and practice file for importing.


You can also check these links for general guidelines:

If you get the same error message, I recommend calling our QBDT Support Team. They can conduct a further investigation with your company file by running the screen sharing tool.


That should do it, @coastalacct. Keep me posted on how it goes by leaving a comment below. Helping you import the bills is my priority, and I'm still here to help you more.

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Re: IIF Import Issue

It may work again if you follow our recommendations here:

QuickBooks 2019 IIF Import Changes and Recommendations

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Re: IIF Import Issue

The BRC process worked for me, importing employee time from our time-tracking app, TimeFox, into the new version QB Desktop 2019. We then pull those hours and detailed notes into invoices to email to clients. I would be sure to follow the recommendation to back up your company file first.


Huge thanks to BRC!  Heart