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Invoice Balance Due Does Not Match (Correct) Amount In Transaction History



I am running Quickbooks for Mac 2019 on High Sierra (10.13.6) and I have an invoice that displays a balance of $298.56 with an original amount of $7500.00.  There were several payments and credit memos applied to it.  I noticed on the payment screen that should have zeroed out the transaction that the credit memo that should have applied to this did not fully apply.  I deleted the payment, deleted the credit memo, then re-entered the credit memo exactly as it was (did not yet apply it to payment).  Now, the transaction history on the invoice shows a correct amount due of $2000, but the Balance Due on the invoice shows the incorrect $298.56. I tried verifying and rebuilding the data, quitting and re-opening Quickbooks, and checking for updates, but I cannot get this discrepancy to match.  

Any help or clues to solve this would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

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Re: Invoice Balance Due Does Not Match (Correct) Amount In Transaction History

There must be other 'open items' in that customers account - unrelated to the invoice you are working on. Since it is causing a lower 'balance due' the open items must be payments or Credits.

The amounts showing as "due" at the bottom of the invoice may be the customers complete account (not just one invoice) if that s the way you have setup the invoice template