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Multiple users with different versions QuickBooks 2018 and QuickBooks 2019

I have a client that sold his business - he is on QBO. The new owner wants me to convert this QBO file to 2018 Pro for desktop. I have learned how to convert the file in QBO and give him the file to use with his copy of QB. 

I have having a hard time figuring out where to import the file - I have Accountant 2019 but if I toggle to the 2018 Pro I believe that I can only send him the accountant's copy. I need to send him the entire file. 

I read Using an Accountant's edition allows you to install multiple versions of QuickBooks on your computer.  But when I try to download the 2018 Pro it is asking for license and product info. Do I have to buy other versions? Do I have to buy 2018 Pro to be able to convert the file, work on it and send it to the new guy as a backup

I am new at using the Accountant version.


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Re: Multiple users with different versions QuickBooks 2018 and QuickBooks 2019

Hi @ember541 :


The file that you received from the conversion should be able to be opened in 2018.  I would go to and do a screen share session with your client.   Share the file you received from support (and not the one you opened in 2019).  Then open that on his computer in 2018.  It should open.


Let me know if that worked.  You could also download a trial of 2018 and open it on your computer and then send the client a backup of that.  You can get a free trial here.





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Re: Multiple users with different versions QuickBooks 2018 and QuickBooks 2019



Unless the business was a corporation, the books for the company sold, do not transfer to the new owner.


but if you are transferring the company data file, and as a point of consideration

The export to desktop (US Only) provides you with a file that must be opened in desktop within 10 days, and the file has known problems, Some things do not export, inventory exports as service items with no history, payroll if you have it is exported as regular checks, these and other known problems have existed for over 9 years
see the limitations:


Print out the QBO P&L, balance sheet, inventory valuation summary (if you have inventory), and sales tax liability as a minimum, compare the QBO reports to the same reports in desktop after you have a desktop company file - they must match, if not you have to find and correct the problems, intuit will not help