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Negative amount in Unapplied Cash Payment Income


In the financial quarter Oct-Dec, we had an unapplied cash income which we know was allocated to a subsequent invoice from the particular doner (who accidentally paid us twice for the original invoice). So we figured out what that line item was on the Profit and Loss although in our books it is definitely allocated to an invoice so we don't know why it was still showing in Unapplied. 


Anyway, in Jan-Mar financial quarter, the amount is still in 'Unapplied' but is now showing as a negative amount on our P&L.


Can you shed any light? Thank you!

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Negative amount in Unapplied Cash Payment Income

Hello there, FMW4000. 


Unapplied Cash Payment Income account is used to report cash basis income from donor payments that are received but not applied to any sales form. Since your donor paid twice, it will show as negative in the report. 


You have the option to create a refund for this donor or apply it as credit to the next invoice. Please follow the steps in this article on how to record a refund and apply a credit


Reach out to me if you need assistance. I'm around to help!