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On line backup

I use online backup. I have two companies on my QB desktop 2019.

When I backup on line, do both companies backup at the same time?

 If both companies are backed up at the same time with no option to just save only 1 like the manual back up does then how can I keep from the following dilemma? also have a laptop with QB 2019 with the same two companies. How do I keep from overwriting  the one company I didn't add any data to? Any suggestions ? Thanks Lowell

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Re: On line backup

Each company will have its own backup schedule if automated. Otherwise each only backs up when you have it open and choose to back up.


Accessing same company from two different computers demands backup/restore each time you switch devices.


Backing up a company with no changes does no damage

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Re: On line backup

We need to use one QB file for a company from 2 different desktop locations, and not at the same time.  Is there a way to use either the QB Online option, as you mentioned in your answer about backing up after every use, or the Intuit Data Protect product for the same purpose?  We have no use for multi-user function, just to be at a different location on some days to access the file. 



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Re: On line backup

Hello, oneeyedoc.


QuickBooks Online backup is the older version of IDP. Accessing one company file to two computers is very possible without using the multi-user feature. You’ll just need to transfer the backup copy to the hard drive (USB) and restore it to the second computer.


Since the second computer doesn’t have an IDP subscription, you’ll need to create the backup manually (especially if you made some changes or you save some information) then transfer it back to the main PC.


For further information about IDP, please refer to this article:


You might also find this article helpful along the way:


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