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Experienced Member

PS036 error

Quick Books desktop annual subscription was cancelled and I cannot seem to get it to renew


QuickBooks Team

Re: PS036 error

Hi mariaboo,


This happens if your QuickBooks program doesn't show as Registered. We have an article to guide you to fix it. Please check this out: PSXXX Errors.


Please go back to this thread if you need more help.

Active Member

Re: PS036 error

Very frustrated!  Not a very happy user.  I have an active account I'm paying for and my data is fine.  Tax season - you would think there would be Intuit support available on a Saturday.

QuickBooks Team

Re: PS036 error

We don't want our customers inconvenienced especially it's tax season, Gallagher7824.


Please follow the steps in the link my colleague @JessT provided at the top. This will help you fix the error and get you up and running again.


Of course, you can always get back to this thread if you need more help.