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Printing voucher checks

3 to a page checks printed perfectly.

I now have voucher checks.  The print routine for voucher checks wants to print 1/2 inch too high on check.

Haven't been able to adjust.  What do I do?

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Printing voucher checks

Let's work together to achieve a perfect result when you print your check, jwp444.


In QuickBooks Online we can do the fine-tune alignment for the check amount. For additional adjustment options, you can print the check like how you do it. Then, on the Print Preview screen, click the Printer icon and adjust the Scale: select Print to page or adjust the scale.



You can print a sample using an ordinary paper each time you change the scale, and place it on top of a blank check page to see the result.


Feel free to visit us here again if you have other questions. Thanks.