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Purchasing checks from intuit

I purchased checks for my business from within quickbooks premier desktop, I used my business checking account to pay for them of course. Which expense account do I assign to it? I'm thinking it has to be one of the accounts Quickbooks automatically sets up for you when you start a a new business                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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Re: Purchasing checks from intuit

Office Supplies. 


Unless you are using QBSE then it is Other. QBSE is only version where you cannot add accounts or even edit their names.


As a new business you have much to learn. Lesson 1 is free - supplies purchased from Intuit always always always cost more than other sources such as Harland, Peachtree, or Deluxe. Comparative shop when you need more supplies 


Lesson 1A. Tax forms are far cheaper from Staples or Amazon