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QB Webconnector And Accounts Payable.

So I need to Use My web service to add Purchase receipts to my accounts payable. 

If this is not where I ask these questions please point me to the correct place 

New to the accounting So im not sure how this would be done through web connector either by creating bills or Some how adding a vendor name/ ID to the Journal entry 


Im not worried about the right or wrong way to do this as long as it gets done. 
This is what Ive tried so far. 

<?qbxml version="2.0"?>
  <!-- onError may be set to continueOnError or stopOnError-->
  <QBXMLMsgsRq onError = "stopOnError">
    <JournalEntryAddRq requestID = "1">
            <FullName>Inventory Total:Inventory - Store</FullName>
          <Memo>Adjustment for the bank account</Memo>
            <FullName>Accounts Payable</FullName>

Any help would be appreciated my feelings will not Depreciate... (to early for accounting jokes?)