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Quick Books file size?



I need some inputs.


If I have to make a decision of purchasing a QuickBooks Enterprise version. Could you please tell me the file size (overall) the system can support? Are there any restrictions? I was told for pro version anything over 600 mb would start to encounter issues.


We currently use the older version of QuickBooks (Enterprise Solutions version) and our current file size is around 4GB - and there is no support for the older version. Due to MTD, we are planning to migrate to a more sophisticated QuickBooks version and looking out for options.  


We are a mid size company with 20K client's database, with invoice transactions of approx 300 - 400 invoices per day that get imported into QuickBooks.


Any thoughts or suggestions, that would be helpful


Kind Regards,

Shaun Gonsalves



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Re: Quick Books file size?

With over 20k customers alone you have exceeded by 100% what can be handled by QuickBooks Pro or Premier. Your only QB alternative is a new version of Enterprise