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QuickBooks Community Site: Can You Explain “Tagging”?

Hi -


Regarding the QuickBooks Community site, can you explain “tagging”?


I believe tagging is when you put the  @  symbol followed by the person’s username, is that right?


  1. What is tagging?
  2. What happens when you tag someone?
  3. When do you do tagging?
  4. Why do some people reply to a post and tag me in a reply?       Is it better to do both?
  5. How do you tag?
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Re: QuickBooks Community Site: Can You Explain “Tagging”?

hi @Dav ,

I noticed when someone tag me, I would get 2 different notification in the same time:

First, [someone] replied to topic [topic]

Second, [someone] @mentioned you in [topic]


You might get those ones too when read my reply. Personally, I will use this feature when reply to specific person (s). Once I have been mentioned by someone, I should check the topic and reply as necessary. Just my 2 cents 8)