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Quickbooks Desktop compatibility with office 365

If QB desktop 2019 is compatible with Office 365 (Excel) why can I not export to Excel?  The only option I have is to export to a CSV file.  I have gone through all the trouble shooting topics and have had no luck in getting this to work.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Quickbooks Desktop compatibility with office 365

Hello there, @clfp.


Thanks for reaching out to us. I’ve got some steps to try to fix the export to Excel issue in QuickBooks Desktop.


You should be able to export the report since QuickBooks Desktop 2019 is compatible with Office 365. If the only available option is to export to a CSV file, it can be due to the following:
•    Excel is not installed on your computer.
•    It's installed across a network.
•    The local Excel installation is damaged.


If Excel is installed on your computer and isn’t damaged, update QuickBooks to its latest release version and export the report once more. If the same problem occurs, try to repair the software.

Repairing QuickBooks can fix any program-related issues or errors. Before doing so, prepare the QB Desktop installation CD or download the installer from the website if the software is purchased through the phone or online.


Follow the steps below to repair QuickBooks:
1.    Restart the computer.
2.    Back up your QuickBooks company file.
3.    Go to Start and then Control Panel.
4.    Select Programs and Features
5.    In the list of programs, select QuickBooks.
6.    Choose Uninstall/Change, then click Continue and Next.
7.    Click Repair and then Next. Wait for it to complete.
8.    Once done, hit Finish.


Here’s an article for your reference: Fix QuickBooks Desktop (Windows).


If you continue to get the same result after performing these steps, check out this article for other recommended solution: Export option for Excel is grayed out.


That should do it. Please give this a try and let me know how it goes. If you have any questions, leave a reply below. I’ll be here to answer them for you. Thank you for reaching out and take care!

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Re: Quickbooks Desktop compatibility with office 365

I have done all this with a support person remoted in on my desktop.  Her answer after nothing worked is that it must not be compatible.  Office is installed locally on my computer.  Excel is not damaged, QB is up to date and has been 'repaired' several times for other issues (including this one).  It is frustrating that I am not able to utilize the product to its full capacity.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Quickbooks Desktop compatibility with office 365

Thanks for the prompt response, @clfp.


I appreciate you trying out the steps above. I have some additional troubleshooting that could help fix the problem.


This solution is usually provided to users who are having an issue exporting reports to Excel. You need to toggle the User Account Control (UAC) in Windows to resolve this.


Here’s how:

1.    Turn off UAC by selecting the Windows Start button.
2.    Go to User Account Control Settings by typing Change User Account Control Settings, then press Enter or typing Control panel and press Enter. Then, select User Accounts and click Change User Account Control Settings.
3.    Move the slider to Never Notify and click OK.
4.    Restart your computer and open QuickBooks.
5.    Go to Reports and select a report you want to export.
6.    Click the Export button.


Once done, all export options, including Excel, should now be available. 


Here’s an article that tackles more about this: Export option for Excel is grayed out.


That should get you pointed in the right direction. Please touch base with me if you need further assistance, I'll be here to help you out.  Thanks for coming to the Community, I'll keep an eye out for your response.

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Re: Quickbooks Desktop compatibility with office 365

This solution did not work for me. I spent almost 4 hours on support with Intuit. 2 hours yesterday and 2 hours today. The final answer - contact Microsoft Smiley Sad

QuickBooks Team

Re: Quickbooks Desktop compatibility with office 365

Hi there, @JSAdmin.


Thanks for joining the Community today. I'm here to help share some information about exporting reports to Excel from your QuickBooks Desktop.


Being unable to export a file to Excel in QuickBooks Desktop usually gets resolved by following these solutions:

However, if none of these works for you, I'd suggest reaching out to Microsoft. This way, they'll be able to check the connection between their application into our software. 


This should get you moving today.


Please let me know how it goes. I'm just a reply away if you need additional assistance with exporting files to Excel in QuickBooks Desktop. Have a nice day ahead!

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Re: Quickbooks Desktop compatibility with office 365

Did anyone get this to work?  I am having the same issue.  We installed Office 365 earlier this week and upgraded QuickBooks to Premier 2019 today and I am still not able to export into Excel.  My IT guy is coming in next week but I need this today.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Quickbooks Desktop compatibility with office 365

I appreciate you joining in the discussion @HillCC. Allow me to step in and help share some insights about QuickBooks Desktop compatibility with Office 365.


You should be able to export into Excel as long as your Office 365 is locally installed. If you've already tried the troubleshooting steps provided by my colleagues but still can't export to Excel, I'd suggest reaching out to Microsoft directly so they can isolate this issue further. You can refer to the link provided by @BettyJaneB.



That said, if you need some references in the future, you may check out our site for related articles: Help articles for QuickBooks Desktop.


Let me know if you have additional questions about import/export issues. I'm also here to help.

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Re: Quickbooks Desktop compatibility with office 365

I am on chat with Microsoft.  They are less than helpful.  as long as Excel opens and works then there is nothing wrong with Office and it must be an Intuit issue.  They also tell me that Quickbooks will ALWAYS default to a .csv file and i would have to save it as an actual .xlsx file after exporting it.  I can export a Payroll Summary report from Payroll, that goes right into an Excel file, however when I click Update Report, i get an error msg that 'It is not a valid QB Report Excel Sheet'  so why doesn't Excel recognize the QB report that it just created?  Here is a screen shot of the QB report and the error i get when i try to update the report

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FIXED!!!! Re: Quickbooks Desktop compatibility with office 365

We were able to fix this issue by uninstalling Office 365 and reinstalling it using the 32bit version rather than the 64bit version.  QuickBooks is a 32bit program and does not function properly with 64bit Office 365.  


Good luck!