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Quickbooks Shopping Cart with no Payment Gateway

Currently we use Quickbooks for payment processing of credit cards. We send a copy of the Invoice via eMail from Quickbooks for the customer to review and pay. We love how it works.


What we are looking for is a Shopping Cart that integrates with Quickbooks but still allows us to use the Invoice and eMail option. We DO NOT want the purchase to be immediately charged to the customers card.


The reason is that we have a high dollar complex customizable product. There are often items that the customers forget to add so we want to review the Invoice, possibly discuss it with them and then send it via eMail with the payment link.


Essentially this is an order taker that integrates with Quickbooks and generates an Invoice. We are trying to eliminate the double data entry we currently perform.


All of the Shopping Cart solutions that we have seen automatically bill the customer. 



1. Integrates with Quickbooks

2. Supports the Quickbooks View and Pay Invoice via eMail.


Any thoughts or suggestions? We've tried to reach out ot QB multiple times and had hold times over 30 minutes each time and got disconnected. Chat support was of no help either. They referred us to a number that we can't get through on. I am hoping the smart people here will have an idea.


Thank you.


QuickBooks Team

Re: Quickbooks Shopping Cart with no Payment Gateway

Greetings, epfreeland.

I'm here to help get you pointed in the right direction for integrations with QuickBooks.


For third-party applications to help with the integration of online stores and QuickBooks, check out our Intuit Solutions Marketplace at You can find tons of apps that are compatible and designed to work with QuickBooks Point of Sale.


Also, there's a community dedicated to developers and configuring of applications with QuickBooks. This site contains resources for software development, as well as the ability to ask fellow developers questions. You can find additional information about this at the following link: Intuit Developer.


You may find this article helpful: QuickBooks Point of Sale Payments.

You can always get back to me if there's anything else you need. I'm here to help.

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Re: Quickbooks Shopping Cart with no Payment Gateway

I have looked at a lot of these resources already and haven't come across a solution. Which is why I asked here. I have about a day of research in with no luck. That is why I have posted here. I thought someone may know if this solution is even possible. Our small business isn't big enough to have a custom solution developed. Was hoping for an off the shelf solution that may or may not need some tweaking.