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Skip data verification when backing up

Is there a way to skip the data verification when doing a backup? We are using 2018 desktop pro. We switched to enterprise for about 2 months but then switched back. We had to send our data out to be converted to work with 2018 pro and it works great. The one issue we have is when we were on enterprise we built all of these units of measure and there were some duplicates. We can't access any units of measure in 2018 pro because it is set to have our point of sale handle the inventory. Now all of those units of measure are like ghosts in our 2018 pro and every time I do a back up it runs the verification and finds errors and it is wasting time waiting for the rebuild to happen which always says we found some errors we couldn't fix and it is always those multiple units of measure. I would like ot skip the verification most days and just manually do it every now and again. is that possible?

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Skip data verification when backing up

Hello there Yo1,


You can change the backup settings to "No verification" to skip this process. Let me help you how it's done.

  1. Click File. Then, click Back Up Company.
  2. Click Create Local Backup. Choose your file location.
  3. Click the Options button below the Local backup radio button. 
  4. Click the No verification radio button. 
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click Use this Location or Change Location.
  7. Click Next until Finish.

Feel free to read this article for more information: Create a backup of your company file.


This article will help you for future reference: Move your company files to another computer.


Stay in touch with me if you have additional questions I can help you with.