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Using the register

Hi I have no idea what I've done, I'm a new user. I have entered all my deposits on a register and all my expenses on a register but they aren't talking! How do I merge the two??

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Re: Using the register

A "register" is really just QuickBooks' name for its way of representing one of your bank accounts (well, that and other similar things). So if you're entering data correctly, there's no need to "merge" anything. Your deposits go into the account, and your expenses come out of that same account.


Suggestion. Have a look at your "Chart of Accounts". You can get to it by clicking the first item on your Lists menu near the top right of the QB Desktop main window. In the window that pops up, each line is an account of some sort. For each account there will be a NAME, DESCRIPTION, and various other bits and pieces. One of those others is TYPE (if you can't see it, I can tell you how to find it). Questions:

  • How many accounts of TYPE "Bank" are there?
  • Is it what you expect?
  • Can you see one account (i.e. one line) of TYPE "Bank" that corresponds to your bank account -- i.e. the account you've been entering data for?

If you can see an account that corresponds to your actual bank, double-click on that line. The window that opens up is "the register" for that account and it's where you should see all your bank activity. It should look something like the way many bank statements look -- i.e. a line per deposit or check, all in date order. (TIP: I find it *much* easier to read registers if I check the "1-line" box near the bottom left corner. You might want to try that).

  • Do you see any of the deposits and expenses you entered?
  • If you cannot see them, or if you couldn't even find the account in the first place, then exactly how did you enter those deposits and expenses?