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What is the best way to handle inventory in multiple warehouses and/or consigned inventory in Mac QB?

We have a main warehouse where we receive inventory from suppliers. We ship to customers out of the main warehouse and when an invoice is created the inventory is decreased and is accurate. However, we also ship items out to other warehouses which we'll call "consigned inventory". These items are not sold, so there is no invoice and therefore no inventory reduction. However, those items are out of the main warehouse, so now our inventory count at the main warehouse is incorrect.


What is the best way to deal with this situation in Mac QB? 


Making duplicates of items that are consigned and doing an inventory adjustment is one way, but that approach becomes cumbersome and unworkable when dealing with a large number of items.


We can't switch to the Windows version that handles this situation, so I need an approach that I can use with Mac QB. 


Thanks in advance for your help!

QuickBooks Team

Re: What is the best way to handle inventory in multiple warehouses and/or consigned inventory in...

Hi there, @Scooter27.


I'm here to help provide some insights on how to correct the inventory items in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac. 


I'd like to acknowledge your effort in sharing very detailed information about your concern. I understand that you have a large number of an inventory item. However,  the easiest way to correct the quantity of your main warehouse item is to process inventory adjustment manually by increasing the quantity number. 


To do this, go to Vendors and select Inventory Activities then click Adjust Quantity/Value by Hand


For additional reference, you can check this article on how to process inventory adjustment. On your keyboard press Ctrl + F and search for the adjust inventory to easily find the topic:


To further assists you with the steps, I encourage you to contact our QuickBooks Desktop Mac Support Team. They have additional tools to pull up your account and do a remote session.


Here's how to contact our customer support:

  1. Select QuickBooks Desktop Help menu.
  2. In order to route you to the correct support expert, we need to know what type of question you have.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. We’ll provide you a few options. You choose which one is best for you.

Please know that you're always welcome to post if you have any other questions about the inventory adjustment. Wishing you and your business continued success. 

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Re: What is the best way to handle inventory in multiple warehouses and/or consigned inventory in...

Thanks for the quick reply!


The problem gets complicated because of the consigned inventory. Say I have 200 widgets in the main warehouse. I ship 50 to the consigned warehouse. If, as you suggest, I do an inventory adjustment of -50 then the main warehouse now has 150, which is correct. (What inventory adjustment account would make sense to use?)


Now ,let's say, 25 of the consigned inventory sells so I need to create an invoice. If I just write an invoice for 25 widgets, that takes 25 widgets out of my main warehouse inventory and brings it down to 125, which is incorrect (it should still be 150). Therefore, to fix that, I'd have to do inventory adjustment of +25 back to the main warehouse. 


I have hundreds of items to deal with and am shipping dozens of items to the consigned warehouse every week, so, as I mentioned in my original post, doing all these inventory adjustments would be overwhelming.


QuickBooks Team

Re: What is the best way to handle inventory in multiple warehouses and/or consigned inventory in...

Hello there, Scooter27.


I appreciate you providing details about your inventory concern. Allow me to chime in for a moment and share some more insights.


The Advanced Inventory feature like assigning warehouses to your items is available with the Windows version. To move your items when subscribing with QB Mac, you'll have to try the available workaround of manually setting them up and adjusting the quantity.


The automatic process is currently unavailable with Mac. I'll take note of your post, the highlights of your experience, and your concern about inventory tracking. I'll pass this along here on my end and let you know in this thread once I get updates.


If I can be of any help or you have other concerns, just drop a comment below. I'm always here to offer assistance. Have a good one.