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Where are the tutorial videos in desktop 2019

Hi I just read the help saying there are video tutorials to learn quickbooks under the help menu -> learning resource centre.  My version of quickbooks 2019 windows doesn't have this help menu item.  Does anyone know where they are and how I can access them through my desktop version of quickbooks?

QuickBooks Team

Re: Where are the tutorial videos in desktop 2019

Hey there, kerrynaber.


The built-in video tutorials for QuickBooks Desktop are unavailable at this time. For now, training videos are only available for the Enterprise and Accountant’s versions.


You'll have to click on this link and log in to your account to view the exclusive videos for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. Meanwhile, the ProAdvisor online tutorials can be found by accessing the Training tab.


  1. Sign in to your ProAdvisor account.
  2. Under Your Practice, choose ProAdvisor and select the Training tab.
  3. Pick Resume to continue any previously-started course.
  4. Review the descriptions of the available courses listed to identify a course to take.
  5. Choose one of the available Training Options to display training cards for each module in the course.
  6. Click on Get started.

Check out the Access ProAdvisor certification courses article for additional details on how to view video tutorials. You can proceed directly to the Note section. 


If I may ask, what specific processes you’re trying to accomplish in QuickBooks? This way, I can provide detailed information on how perform them.

Aside from that, the Community space has a lot of articles that will guide you on how to manage your business. You can view them through here: Help articles for QuickBooks Desktop.


This should point you in the right direction.

Reach out to me so I know how those tools work for you or if you have additional questions about QuickBooks. Please know I’m always here to answer them.


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Re: Where are the tutorial videos in desktop 2019


Thank you for your response.  I am not new to quickbooks but one of my business students wants to learn quickbooks to put on his resume so I said he could have time doing tutorials on quickbooks to understand quickbooks.  I use quickbooks to do the books of my small business and I am sure I don't many of the features and functionalities so I wanted him to get a broader overview.  I could always buy him a how to use quickbooks book so he can learn that way but I thought the tutorials would be easiest.

What would you recommend for learning quickbooks?

Thank you.


Re: Where are the tutorial videos in desktop 2019

Thanks for reaching out again and providing more details, @kerrynaber.


Aside from the materials provided by my colleague, you can also enroll your business student to our Intuit Education Program. Have them visit the link and enter their personal information to create a login.


We'll set up and manage your student's trial version using the data entered. We also advise letting them check their email for updates and notification.


There you have it, @kerrynaber. Keep me posted on the results by leaving a comment below. I'm still here to help you further. Wishing you all the best!