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etsy integration with quickbooks with turbo tax


I have an etsy shop. Purchased quickbooks self employed with turbo tax bundle. First timer, so have some basic questions: My spouse works and receives W2, Turbo tax log in is asking me to choose plans. How do I integrate my etsy, quickbooks and turbo tax along with married filing jointly?. Planning my business income along with married jointly returns filling in April 2020 (no Oct 2019)

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QuickBooks Team

Re: etsy integration with quickbooks with turbo tax

Hi there, onlinechetan.


You can follow the steps below to enter your spouse’s information for joint filing:

  1. Select the Gear icon at the top and click Tax profile. 
  2. Choose Married for Martial status and Yes for Filing jointly. 
  3. Enter your spouse’s information and click Save. 

For the steps to integrate QuickBooks Self-Employed and Etsy, please refer to this article:

Stay in touch if you have other questions. We’ll be around to help.