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Just upgraded to 2019 from 2016 and now there are numbers and notification icons on the icons.  I want them gone.  For example in the employees section the pay liabilities icon now has a red exclamation point on it because I haven't paid the taxes yet.  I need that gone because I share QB with another worker so that she can do pricing, invoices, receive payments, etc., simple tasks.  She doesn't need to know that I haven't paid the taxes nor does she need to see the notification that the liabilities haven't been paid because that is NOT part of her job!  Additionally, the red number on the record deposits icon is not needed either, I know when we've taken in money and that I have to record deposits, that red number is annoying and useless.  I'm sure there are other notification icons that might come up on other icons so I need to know how to take care of all of them.  Telling me that here is no way to change it and to 'live with it' is not acceptable.  By having these notifications icons on the icons you are conveying information to people who should not have the information.

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QuickBooks Team

Re: home page icons

Thanks for taking the time to post here in the Community, @stryker17859


The red alerts on the Home Page allows you to check transaction for review. However, there isn't currently a way to remove these so other workers won't see the details.


Your idea of deleting the red notifications under the Pay Liabilities and Record Deposits icons is great. I'll let our product engineers know about this to help improve your experience. Rest assured, I'll keep you posted on this thread once updates from them are available. 


To learn more about what's new in QuickBooks Desktop for Windows 2019, I'd suggest visiting this article: Product Updates


Don't hesitate to drop me a comment below if you have other concerns. Have a good one.