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quicks desktop 2019

I entered some information on the laptop i use to travel with doing quick books but it is not showing up on the main laptop quick books how do i get the information to show up

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QuickBooks Team

Re: quicks desktop 2019

Hello there, Mrslynn45.


The data will only sync once you've turned on the Multi-user mode. To know more about it, I've got handy articles for you:

Though in your case, you use QuickBooks while traveling. You will have to set up a hosting provider authorized by Intuit. These providers will help you use the program securely, anywhere, and anytime. This will help transfer the information entered on your laptop to the other connected computers. Please check this article for more information: What hosting providers are authorized by Intuit?.


If you don't want any third-party service providers, you can also manually transfer the data. You'll have to create a backup file from your laptop, then restore it to the other one. 


Feel free to get back to us if you have more questions. Have a good day!