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sage conversion

We were  attempting to convert sage 50 2019 to QBO. We downloaded the conversion tool, but we were not able to select the correct file. 

we seem to be stuck on step 2. it's not letting us search for the correct file where it says data source name. So we do the drop down menu where it was database name and every file we choose says it's invalid. I've done this conversion before and never had this issue. am i suppose to be using the connection attributes box or not? Or am i supposed to be manually entering the location of the file up in the data source name field? I am lost. I have to go back out to the client on Tuesday to try again. We are switching them to online QB's but we have to convert to desktop first. 

That is my next issue. We have  QuickBooks Premier Accountants version 2018. Can we convert to that version or not? 

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Re: sage conversion

Hello, NancyF.


It's nice to see you in the Community. Let me help successfully convert Sage 50 into QuickBooks Desktop.


There are things you need to check first before you continue searching the file. 


  • Make sure that your Sage 50 and QuickBooks Desktop are installed locally in the same computer.
  • Be sure that your QuickBooks database and Sage 50's associated files are saved locally in your computer's hard drive.
  • Cross-region conversion isn't' possible using the tool.

For more details about the Conversion Tool and what the tool can't convert, please refer to this article: Converting from Sage 50 using the Conversion Tool.


However, if you've already checked everything but keeps having the same issue, I'd suggest reaching out to our Desktop Specialist for additional assistance. They can pull up your account in a secure environment and help isolate this issue using their extra tools.


Keep me posted if you need additional information about the conversion. I'm here to help.

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Re: sage conversion

I received an email regarding my question which asked me if my question was answered. How are we suppose to reply to them email to let you know how you did if it is a no reply email address??? Here is how i feel.

No actually I did not get an answer. I received a phone call from support and all I was told is that the conversion has to be done by one of intuits professionals and there  is going to be a fee, but they can’t tell us the fee until they dial in remotely. I am not satisfied with that answer. If Intuit didn’t want us to do the conversions from Sage to QB’s then we would not have access to the conversion tool. We are already paying for our QB’s ProAdvisor account, we shouldn’t have to pay for a conversion when we should be  able to do it ourselves. I had a simple question and no one could offer me an answer.

QuickBooks Team

Re: sage conversion

Thanks for getting back to us, @NancyF.


This isn't the kind of experience we want for you. But allow me to step in and provide additional information on converting Sage 50 to QuickBooks.


When converting the file, you can enter the company name in the Data Source Name section and select the folder containing the file in the Database Name section.


If the same thing happens, I suggest contacting our Customer Care team again. I understand that you've already contacted them before but they're the best support group to help you further regarding your concern.


On the other hand, if you're a ProAdvisor for accountants, you don't have to pay the conversion fee since you have a support plan. Also, regarding the email, it should be the same as the answer above.


That's it! Please know that you can always get back into this post if you have more questions. I'll keep an eye out on your response.

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Re: sage conversion

Apparently, there is an issue with the file itself. It was unclear if the issue is the file size. Is there a guideline as to the max size of the file that can be  converted from Sage50 to QB's? There is in excess of 10 yrs of data, so i am guessing that the size of the file was too large which is what caused the conversion tool to not work. I know there are specification on the file size of the QB's file conversion to QBO but didn't see anything regarding the limits of the Sage50 file. This information would be helpful  for  any future conversion. The client decided not to convert to QBO because of the conversion issues. 

QuickBooks Team

Re: sage conversion

Thanks for letting me know about this, @NancyF.


Let me add some more details about converting your Sage 50 file into your QuickBooks. 


There is no limit on file size when converting your Sage file into QuickBooks Desktop, as long as it meets the system requirements it can be converted successfully.


Requirements are the following:

  • Operating System- Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, or Windows 7
  • Processor- 500 MHz Intel Pentium II (minimum)
  • Memory (RAM)- 512 MB (minimum)
  • Hard Drive- 2.5 GB of free space
  • Microsoft .NET Framework- version 2.0
  • QuickBooks Desktop- Pro, Premier, or Enterprise Solutions 2015 or higher
  • Sage 50- versions 2013 and above

To give you more insight into the process, you may refer to these links: 

Also, I'd suggest reaching out to Sage support so they can check on your file and verify the reason why you're unable to convert your file. 


Keep me posted how things turns out. I'll be around to provide further assistance. Have a great day!