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shut down

Why does Quickbooks shut down when I leave my computer for a few minutes? Can you shut off this feature??

QuickBooks Team

Re: shut down

Hello there, @wilson01.


Let's perform some troubleshooting steps to fix this issue and get you back to working order.


If you haven't yet, you can consider updating your Mac OS. This might be the reason why QuickBooks shut down every time you leave your computer.


Once updated and the issue still persists, I suggest contacting Mac Support team. This way, they can check if the option to close the application automatically in a set period of inactivity was set up on your Mac. 


But if the issue only occurs in QuickBooks, let's try repairing it to isolate the issue. Here's how:


  1. Reboot your Mac.
  2. Open your Applications folder either by using the Finder or searching in Spotlight.
  3. Find QuickBooks and delete it.
  4. Enter your Mac user password to authorize deletion if requested.
  5. Launch the Mac App Store.
  6. Make sure you're logged in. (You may need to re-enter your password even if you were previously logged in.)
  7. Go to the QuickBooks app you just deleted, either in your Purchase tab or by searching for it.
  8. Click on Install to re-download the app.

Once done, I'm confident that your QuickBooks will not shut down every time you'll leave your computer.


In case you need tips and related articles in the future, visit our QuickBooks Community help website for reference: QBDT for Mac Self-help


You can always get back into this post if you have more questions. I'll keep an eye out on your response.

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Re: shut down

Are you asking about the Mac desktop product or are you asking about the web based QuickBooks Online product?  The Mac desktop product doesn't shut down - your computer may be going to sleep but that's a function of the computer (we can turn that off if that's the issue).


If you are asking about the web based QuickBooks Online Product it shuts off to prevent someone from accessing your machine if you leave it unattended. Its like web based Banking sites in that sense.