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Can't turn on Payments



We would really like assistance on our quickbooks payments. We did it and it was working but out of the sudden stop working and now quickbooks is saying that they can't turn on payments for us.


Why is this happening and how can we solved it. Payments is part of the reason why we chose quickbooks if this doesn't get solve we switch to another program  

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Can't turn on Payments

Welcome to the Intuit Community, Saul Bustamante.


Thanks for being part of the QuickBooks. To get the Payments feature working again, let’s configure your Internet Explorer browser.


The steps are easy to follow, and I'll be here to guide you. If the issue occurs in every browser, the security configurations are causing the problem.


QuickBooks Desktop and other applications use Internet Explorer as the default browser. Clearing the cache and cookies regularly prevents this unusual behavior from happening.


The steps vary depending on the browser’s version. Follow the steps below to clear the cache.

Internet Explorer 10 and 11:


  1. Open the said browser, go to the Gear icon or the Tools option in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Choose Safety, then select Delete browsing history.
  3. Mark the boxes for the data you want to remove.
  4. Click on Delete.


For Internet Explorer 9:


  1. Select the Tools button, then scroll down to the bottom and choose Internet options.
  2. Under Browsing history, choose the Delete button.

To clear the cache for Internet Explorer 8:


  1. Choose the Safety menu and select Delete Browsing History.
  2. Mark the boxes for information you want to remove.
  3. Once done, press the Delete tab.

Next, log in to your Merchant Services account and try processing a payment. If you’re unable to create one, follow the resolution steps in this article: Resolve issues with QuickBooks Payments.


Make sure to perform the troubleshooting steps in order. Then, proceed directly to the If the issue persists after clearing your cookies and cache, follow the steps outlined in the following articles section.

After following the solution I provided, you should be able to accept customer payments.

Let me know how this turns out or if you need further assistance with these steps by leaving me a comment. I’ll be right here ready to help.