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Charges billable to Customers?

I'm trying to enter in charges (like credit charges for instance) that I make on behalf of a customer, and have this invoice them for the charges. Right now, it's an arduous process of running a trial balance and analyzing the data in a spreadsheet. 


I understand if you enter in the customer:job then check the checkbox for "billable" it should populate; however, it doesn't seem to be doing this. 


Any insight would be appreciated! 

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Re: Charges billable to Customers?

Once you have marked expenses or items as billable you still have to bill them by adding them to a customer invoice.


When you create a new invoice a giant popup should be shouting g at you asking if you want to add time/costs to the invoice. Yes you do and you have option of adding a markup as well. But they do not get billed to customer without you actually invoicing