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Help in payment by check

Now I'm working with key account supermarket when they pay to me they send a check, statement and when I try to record payment I open "Receive payments" and choose a client, enter check amount, Number and date after that I select invoices include in check and add credit memo "Returns". example" i have open invoices with total amount:37490.02, Returns amount: 5526.45 and rebates: 6404.88 and amount of check 25558.71"

the problem is how can enter the amount of rebates and make it appear in the client's statement

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Help in payment by check

Hi Mohamed abdelmoomen,


You can enter a credit memo for the rebate. However, this will show in your customer's statement as a credit memo.


You can also create an item called Rebate, which you can add to your customer's invoices with a negative amount, so it deducts to the amount. However, this will not show as a separate transaction on their statement. What they can see is only the invoice with a net amount.


You can always get in touch with us here if you have other questions.