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How to send 1 Invoice for multiple projects to 1 Customer

Is there a way to to send a single invoice to a single customer that reflects multiple projects. I recall in the past QBO had feature where you could indicate the unique customer on the left hand side for each line on an invoice which gave the flexibility to do this. I can't see to recall how to turn this feature on.  I have a single customer where i have 5 projects that are invoiced for that customer every month. Instead of having to send 5 separate invoices each month ( 1 invoice for reach project) to the same customer. I would like to just send 1 invoice which will contain the 5 invoices.  With QBO "projects" feature turned on, the only way to do this is if when you start a invoice, each line on the invoice has a dialogue box to designate which customer>project to assign the line to. Right now only the top of the invoice has a customer>project assignment box which means this can only be done for the entire invoice as opposed to by invoice line.  I seem to recall you used to be able to assign customer by line in the past in QBO invoices creation.  Is this feature still available??? if so how do i turn on.

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Re: How to send 1 Invoice for multiple projects to 1 Customer



What you can do is for each separate project, create a DELAYED CHARGE.  This is like an invoice but it sits there waiting.  Then when you go to create the invoice, select the MAIN customer, NOT any project and a fly out will appear asking if you want to add all the delayed charges to the invoice.  Then you can create the 1 invoice for all the projects.