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I didn't receive an email on how to fix why mt deposit is being withheld



My account shows my deposit as being withheld. I do not understand why it is being held as the customer already received the safety equipment and is very pleased and I have set everything up as requested. Yet my account shows the deposit being withheld and to check my email, yet i do not have an email. I updated my email in the merchant service settings just to be sure, but should have been correct as I have received other emails previously. I just need this fixed as soon as possible sine I have already delivered the products to the customer and now I am waiting for payment. 

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QuickBooks Team

Re: I didn't receive an email on how to fix why mt deposit is being withheld

Welcome to the Intuit Community, northwestsafetyequipment1.

Thanks for the detailed information about your concern. Helping you out checking why the deposit is withheld is my priority.


The fastest way to figure out what happened to the transaction is to give our Merchant Services team a call. They need to gather personal details for verification purposes which can't be done in the Community for the safety of your account.

After completing the process, they’ll thoroughly trace why the deposit is withheld. Once they've identified the issue, our support specialists will provide instructions on how to get the funds.


Since you already updated the email in your Merchant account, I recommend you also ask why didn't receive any notifications about the issue. This to ensure you'll no longer experience the same problem in the future.

For future reference, I’m adding a link with detailed instructions on what to do if funds are on hold.

That should point you in the right direction. Keep me posted with the result after contacting support. I want to make sure you're taken care of.