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I want to know why we were charged on our credit card on 3/16/2019 for $3,625.20?

Please find out why we were charged $3,625.20 on our company credit card on 3/16/2019?

I never received an email letting me know this was going to happen. The only email I have received from QuickBooks was on 2/21/2019 saying that our Payroll Enhanced QuickBooks would be automatically renewed on 4/9/2019 for $650.00 plus tax, this charge is way more than $650.00 plus tax. Is there anyway we can pay a different way then an automatic renewal?


thanks Jentry



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Re: I want to know why we were charged on our credit card on 3/16/2019 for $3,625.20?



This is a public user community board.  No one here has access to your account or can discuss billing issues pertaining to your account.  You would need to call QuickBooks support directly.

QuickBooks Team

Re: I want to know why we were charged on our credit card on 3/16/2019 for $3,625.20?

Hi there, @pmw.


You can log in to the Customer Account Management Portal Site (CAMPS) to check for the charge and update. Allow me to help guide you how.


CAMPS makes it easy for you to do the following:


  • Update account, payment, and contact info
  • Invite or remove account users
  • Get info about your current products and subscriptions (such as software status, and license or product numbers)
  • Cancel or renew your subscriptions
  • Download QuickBooks

To log in to CAMPS:


  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your Intuit account info.
  3. Select the tile for QuickBooks Desktop. If you can’t find QuickBooks Desktop, select Find by email. It’s possible your Desktop app or service is registered with a different email address.

In addition, CAMPS can show you the charges that have been billed to your account in the last 2 years. To view charges billed to your account, and check other important charge details, such as date and method of payment used.


  1. Select View your transaction history.
  2. From the Time Period drop-down, select a date range of transactions. You can only see transactions from the last 2 years.
  3. To print the transaction list, select Print this page.
  4. Select Back to my Account to go back to your CAMPS dashboard.

For more information, you can check this article: Manage your QuickBooks Desktop products and subscriptions in CAMPS.


You may also need to get in touch with our Support Team to check the charge further. For the support's contact information, you may check it here: Contact the QuickBooks Desktop Customer Support Team.


I'll be right here to help you if you have any other questions about charges in QuickBooks, just add a post/comment below. Have a great day ahead!