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Pay Bills - Sort by Discount Date

We just converted to QuickBooks desktop recently, and we would like to view which vendor bills which have an available discount if paid by a specific date.  Using the Vendors -> Pay Bill method, I specify to "Show all bills" and then attempt to "Sort By Discount Date", but the bills do not re-sort.  In order to find the bills with available discounts, I have to scroll down the list of bills until I see a bill with the "Disc Date" column filled in.  Since we have hundreds of open vendor bills at any given time, scrolling thru all bills is time consuming.


Is there any other way to find open vendor bills with available discounts?




QuickBooks Team

Re: Pay Bills - Sort by Discount Date

Hi, @bcrj.


Thanks for posting here in the Community and for providing the steps you did to show all bills with discounts. Let me help you further in sorting this by discount date.


You're on the right track in sorting all your bills with discounts. I've tried doing the same and I got this result below.




We can run a data checkup to check if this is a data issue within your company file. If we detect problems within your data, you'll need to run the Rebuild tool to resolve the issue. Please check this article for the detailed steps: Verify and Rebuild Data in QuickBooks Desktop.


Once done, let's try sorting your bills again by discount date. However, if the issue persist, please let me know so I can provide other troubleshooting steps in isolating this issue. You may also contact our Desktop Care support if you need further assistance in going through the steps.


Here's how you can reach them:


  1. Go to:
  2. Choose your QuickBooks Product.
  3. Select your QuickBooks Version.
  4. On the Contact Us page, click a topic.
  5. Click on the Get Phone Number button to see the support number.

Keep me posted with the results. I'll be here to help if you have additional questions about sorting your bills with discounts.



Frequent Explorer **

Re: Pay Bills - Sort by Discount Date

Hi @LilyC ,


Thanks for your detailed response.  I performed a "Verify Data" on our database as suggested and I received the message, "QuickBooks detected no problems with your data", so no further action is required (i.e., rebuilding data).


Again I tried the Sort by Discount Date while in the Pay Bills dialog, and the records will not sort.  Using the Sort By with Due Date, Vendor, Amount Due, etc. all seem to work fine, just not Discount Date.


Do you think the next step is to contact Desktop Care support?



QuickBooks Team

Re: Pay Bills - Sort by Discount Date

Let's try other troubleshooting steps to fix this, bcrj.


Please follow these steps that will guide you on how to repair the QuickBooks program.


After, sort the discount date again. If it still didn't work, it's time contact our phone support team. You can follow the steps given by by colleague above. 


The Community is always around to help you if you have other concerns. 

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Re: Pay Bills - Sort by Discount Date




Please Learn from this input.




Open one of the bills from this listing: "In order to find the bills with available discounts, I have to scroll down the list of bills until I see a bill with the "Disc Date" column filled in"


To see what you set for Terms. If that is Not a Terms defined providing for Discount, then notice the Discount Date is not filled in. There is no possibility of the program reporting to you something it is not provided. Here is what I teach: You cannot Report what you did not track.


A Vendor can be assigned Default Terms; or, in the Preferences, you set that you want a Standard Default Terms, such as "Due in 10 days, unless there is a Specified Default in Edit Vendor name."


And the Terms must be define not as Net 30, but, for instance, "2% 10 Net 30."


That means you should also Review your Terms List, and Edit Each, to see if it got Defined the same as it got Named. Name doesn't control how it functions. Definition settings control  how it functions.

Frequent Explorer **

Re: Pay Bills - Sort by Discount Date

Thanks @qbteachmt and @Catherine_B for responding.  


I've checked our vendor bills and the Terms and Discount Date are correctly entered.  I then checked and verified that the Term is defined correctly by setting the "Net Due In XX days", "Discount percentage is X.X%", and "Discount if paid within XX days" (e.g., 2% 10 Net 30).


The problem does not appear to be related to either a database issue or from incorrectly setup terms.  


I am opening a case with desktop support.


Thanks for everyone's help.