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Your faqs says a SAME DAY ACH rollout for everyone would happen in early 2019, we are now almost in the middle of the year and still nothing


Considering funds and bank Information is verified in real time now with Gverify. This feature should be out for all individuals who qualify for QUICK BOOK PAYMENTS.


I like the feel and look of quickbooks but I have vendors and employees who need to be paid and most banks offer same day ACH without this "roll out "



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QuickBooks Team


Hi there So_Gna,


There are a few things we need to check if your account is eligible for same-day deposits (ACH).

  • Email message from QuickBooks when your account is eligible.
  • You'll see an Upgrade option in the Payments settings.

Let me show you how to check it from the account settings:

  1. Click Gear.
  2. Click Account and Settings.
  3. Click the Payments tab.
  4. Look for the Upgrade link in the QuickBooks Payments section.

If you don't have the above options, please consult QuickBooks Online Payments so they can check your account and assist you further.

You can use this link to reach them:


This article is also a good reference: Get to know 24-hour direct deposit.


I'll be around if you have additional questions. Feel free to get in touch.