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Re: Can my customer initiate a recurring credit card payment?

Hello Amanda (@Amanda1),


A warm welcome to the QuickBooks Community!


This is a great point you bring up. Though customers don't (and should not) have access to your QuickBooks to input the information themselves, there are a few solutions you might consider:

  • If your goal is to get paid quickly, turn on the online "Pay Now" feature and make your recurring invoices "Due on Receipt" so customers know they have to pay right away.

  • If you have a brick and mortar store, ask your customers to come in so you can input the information together and ensure it's accurate.

  • Have your customers pay via PayPal and sync the data with QuickBooks so they are responsible for inputting their own data the first time (ask them to include a note about their payment preference). You keep the information on file for subsequent transactions. 

Remember, you must have permission to charge a payment on behalf of a customer. We did an article on Recurring Sales Receipts earlier this week. Some of the information in the article might helpful to you!

Does anyone else have any suggestions?

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Re: Can my customer initiate a recurring credit card payment?

Thanks James,

I have the "Pay Now" feature turned on and it works well, but most of my clients agree to an annual contract with monthly payments so autopay from a credit card is easiest for everyone involved.  I'll look into using PayPal and syncing with QB, sounds like it may be a good solution. At least I'll have good credit card information. 

If PayPal doesn't work, maybe I could have them send their authorization form and credit card information via DocuSign so it's a bit more secure, legible and complete.   

I appreciate your help!

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Re: Can my customer initiate a recurring credit card payment?



I know this is an older question but this is something I need and I would assume probably most of your customers would use this service as well.  Almost any invoicing service has the ability for a customer to input their own credit card information in order to activate auto billing.  Quickbooks is the only service period that doesn't offer this standard feature and it's pretty weird that you want the users of your product to enter their customers' credit card numbers instead.  


For most businesses in the 21st century we need the ability for our customers to enter credit card data, not only because it's fast and convenient, but also because of liability since we don't see the credit card number when our customers enter their own data.  


Because of not having this feature I have to use another service to process all my invoices, but because my accountant only uses Quickbooks I am stuck using your service too.  Quickbooks is actually pretty good, but because you don't have the ability to allow customers to pay online, that's a huge problem.


With utmost respect I think Quickbooks has relied too much on its name recognition as this should be a standard feature by now.  If you had this feature, people like me could use Quickbooks with no 3rd party tool, payment system, or separate invoicing service to do the work we need.


I really hope you re-evaluate this service and get it implemented soon.  Trust me, this would be a win-win for you and can only increase your customer base.   It's actually costing you business not to have this feature.

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Re: Can my customer initiate a recurring credit card payment?

Hello @CodeSamurai,


Thank you for your very thoughtful feedback. I agree that having this be a customer-facing feature would be extremely beneficial to small businesses. 


There are legal reasons and policies that you must adhere to if you plan to charge a cc on a customer's behalf on a regular basis. I am not a legal expert, but there's more on this in our learn and support article.


While QuickBooks is not primarily a point of sale service, if you create a recurring invoice and have QuickBooks Payments enabled, QuickBooks will, in essence, work like a POS. This will allow you to process and record online payments and let your customers enter their own information. 


Is this the kind of feature you're referring to, or something else?

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Re: Can my customer initiate a recurring credit card payment?

Hi James,


Thank you for the response and for the assist.  I'm not worried about any legal implications because it's not me entering my customer's payment info on a regular interval.  My other invoicing service automatically charges my customers me via different services that they offer, one of which is through Stripe.  Since my customer inputs all their own info and saves it for future billing, I don't have any liability.  It's just like any service that you sign up online....just like how Quickbooks automatically charges my credit card each month :-).


With that link you sent me about payments, I think that's just to accept a single online payment and that's it.  If I'm wrong, please correct me.  What I need is the ability to charge customers on a regular interval: either monthly, every 6 months, quarterly, or yearly.  I don't want to have to enter credit card information (liability) or force my customers to manually pay every month.  My customers should have the option to save their payment information to make their lives easier too.


If that link you sent allows customers to save their own credit card/payment info online, and will auto bill them whenever an invoice is sent to them, then I will check that out, but from what I've read that service only allows a single payment per invoice.

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Re: Can my customer initiate a recurring credit card payment?

Hi there, @CodeSamurai.


Let me share with you information about recurring payments in QuickBooks.


Once you connect recurring payments with QuickBooks, you'll have the ability to charge customers on a regular schedule that you set.


You can check out this article for more information:


At this time, we do not have the option to let your customers enter their own credit card/payment information online. I'd suggest sending your feedback to our product developers since that would be a great add-on to our future updates.


You can send your feedback directly to this link:


Please let us know if you have other questions with recurring payments.



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Re: Can my customer initiate a recurring credit card payment?

Hi LilyC,


That's exactly the problem.  We NEED the ability for customers to enter their own payment information.  As I stated in my original post, Quickbooks is the only service that doesn't have this option and you're losing customers because of this missing feature.  


I'm sending my feedback here in this post because I'm hoping to light a fire to get this needed feature developed, and also inform your customers that this feature is still not available.


There is actually already a feedback topic about this very problem located here:  This idea was submitted in 2017 which makes me think Quickbooks isn't going to address this soon.


I do appreciate everyone trying to assist, but it comes down to just having the ability for customers to enter and save their own payment data for recurring invoices.  If you develop this feature, you will have a service that rivals any other 21st century service that is currently competing with you.  Until then, you're missing a major component that most companies need in today's world.  

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Re: Can my customer initiate a recurring credit card payment?

Hello, CodeSamurai.


Thank you for posting you concern here in the Community.


As I've check, our product engineers are still working to address this concern. While this option is not available yet, I encourage you to send your feedback directly to our product engineers or you can add vote/comment to the one that was already submitted. By doing so, this will help us make the request for the feature to be included in future updates as soon as possible.


You can use the same link that @LilyC provided.


Thanks for your understanding and patience while we look into this. Don't hesitate to post again if you have additional questions. I'll be around to help.​​

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Re: Can my customer initiate a recurring credit card payment?

Hey @CodeSamurai,


Thank you for the clarification. You read the article right - generally, this works well for processing single invoice payments.


However, can also use those instructions to a) collect a customer’s card information and request  their expressed permission to charge the card on their behalf (you must have permission on file as per PCI standards, which is outlined in the piece) and b) create a recurring sales receipt for a stipulated interval to provide confirmation of payment. 


This doesn’t take care of the actual payment processing, but you already have a good tool with Stripe (stick with what works for you!).


I assume it gives the customer a receipt? I am not very familiar with the Stripe payment system, does it have any sort of recurring features built in? If so, you should be able to sync the payment data with QuickBooks via the app. If Stripe has a recurring feature, could that and the data sync be a potential solve? 


My other thought was: set up a recurring receipt in QuickBooks so the transactions are entered into your accounts, and continue to process payments the same time each month via Stripe. However, it sounds like the price and total will vary per customer from transaction to transaction, so a recurring receipt from QuickBooks won’t be the right solution. This feature really is best for static expenses or sales, like rent or a standing customer order. 


The data sync with the Stripe app is probably going to be the best option, so long as the recurring transactions available in Stripe. 


What are your thoughts?

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Re: Can my customer initiate a recurring credit card payment?

Hi James,


I actually use another invoicing service called Freshbooks which does everything I need for invoicing.  This includes sending out recurring invoices and auto billing.  As I mentioned this is a very standard feature to all invoicing services I've used in the past.  With these invoicing services they allow you to choose a payment merchant.  For Freshbooks I use their Stripe integration which processes the payments.   Freshbooks takes care of everything else.  


I also have most everything integrated as well as it can be between Freshbooks and Quickbooks, but I am forced to manually apply payments to both systems.  There's no method around this.  That's one of the reasons I wish Quickbooks did recurring invoices with auto-payments.


The only feature that will allow me to cancel Freshbooks and not pay for their service as well as not paying to have the integration between Freshbooks and Quickbooks is to have Quickbooks build the feature for recurring auto-payments and allow customers to save their CC info.


As I mentioned, this integration I currently utilize wastes money and time for me, but it's necessary so that my customers can save their own payment info for future auto payments.  It's a necessity as I'm not going to ask for a customer's credit card number, and asking for credit card numbers is a 20th century mentality.  All the business I do with others all allow me to input my credit card number to pay their invoices for example.  I think Quickbooks should allow that too and get with the 21st century :-). 


Again, I do appreciate your thoughts and thinking out of the box to assist!  

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Re: Can my customer initiate a recurring credit card payment?

Hello, I've been following along here. One of my companies, Paycove, has a solution for the recurring billing issue as well. We built it to do automated quoting and invoicing from CRM systems, but it also works as a standalone tool. We have recurring billing functionality via a few integrations, including Stripe and a better priced option via CardConnect/First Data. We are also finalizing details for a third processor, as well as building a native integration to QuickBooks. Right now the export/import solution works well for many of our clients. If there's any way I can help, let me know or feel free to message me.



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Re: Can my customer initiate a recurring credit card payment?

This is really ridiculous that this isn't a feature already. There are good articles throughout the support sites about setting up recurring payments, but it's easy to miss the implication that I'm supposed to call my customers and get their credit card information over the phone... that's just unacceptable in this day and age. You can take credit card info for single payments, why can't you take credit card info for recurring payments?

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Re: Can my customer initiate a recurring credit card payment?



Thank you for adding to the discussion. From what I understand, according to PCI compliance standards, the complication comes from continuous running a payment on behalf of a customer and holding that information for an indefinite amount of time. @Team_Merchant is an expert in this field and can add a more nuanced perspective. 

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Re: Can my customer initiate a recurring credit card payment?



I don't think that reasoning makes sense.  First, I agree holding a credit card number is a concern, so you're basically saying then that you want we the customer to hold that credit card number and store that number in our system instead.  That's a terrible response where you want us to take all the liability.  Most of us don't have systems to store credit card numbers in a method that is secure.  That means you're forcing your customers to write down CC numbers on scraps of paper or in Excel spreadsheets.  That's how most of your customers will do this!


Secondly, are you not already charging our customers on a recurring basis once we input their credit card number?   What's the difference if we enter the credit card number versus letting our customers do that?  I don't see your point then because you're still storing the credit card number or performing the transaction regularly right?


Maybe you're not understanding the real request with all due respect.  We want the same system you currently have, but let our customers enter their credit card numbers and allow that number to be used for recurring invoices, that's it.  


As I mentioned all other invoicing systems that I've used do this.  In fact you don't have to store CC numbers with the proper use of merchant account APIs.  There are systems where you don't hold the credit card number and let the merchant or credit card API store and send your system back with a "yes" or "no" in terms of processing a credit card.  I've built systems like this and it's not that difficult really.  Maybe integrating this into QBO is difficult, but building a form to collect a CC number and then use that to process future payments without storing a CC number is not that hard to do.


I think you should run this up the flagpole and discuss with your developers.  You need this and it will only grow your business.  I won't even charge you a commission when you get a bunch of customers from adding this feature :-).

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Re: Can my customer initiate a recurring credit card payment?

Hey @CodeSamurai


Completely fine to have a discussion, and glad you're sharing your perspective. The community is a place to share opinions. 


If you have QuickBooks Online, there are secure ways to store a customer's credit card, process the payment, and send them a recurring sales receipt. So yes, you would be holding that information and be liable for it. We'd never recommend writing down this information on paper, as you've pointed out! This requires you to get signed permission due to PCI security standards, but you should always store this information securely (I encrypt my digital files) 


I may be misunderstanding your request, so I appreciate your clarification. You are looking for a system that lets the customer enter their information once, store it, and have it be automatically charged. Again, I don't think this is as much an issue of functionality as it is legality. I think it comes down to who is running the payment and who is responsible for managing the account. 


That being said, I will share this up the chain with the product managers on the payments team. I am sure they will appreciate your perspective and find great value in your insight.


Thank you for your continued input, @CodeSamurai.

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Re: Can my customer initiate a recurring credit card payment?

There are solutions available that allow for creating a hosted payment page (HPP) as a page on your website (or an iframe) that would allow a customer to enter their own card number, which you would be able to store for recurring transactions. We have a solution that allows for cloud based storage of that card data which is P2PE, the gold standard for PCI security. It never truly touches your PC, essentially removing you from scope. (The P2PE PCI SAQ is the least amount of questions possible too!) Unfortunately QB does not seem to have as robust of a solution and may not want to accept the liability for managing this data. That said, I would think that at this point, writing your customer's card data down and locking it in a cabinet could be more secure than storing it locally on your PC. Especially if you're not encrypting it. It might be more efficient as well, depending on your workflow each cycle. Feel free to message me if you have questions or want to hop on a call to discuss in detail.

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Re: Can my customer initiate a recurring credit card payment?



Greetings, Cherilus Charles.


I edited the previous post in order to protect your personal information. Please keep in mind this is a public forum and anything you share can be seen by the world. I strongly encourage you to contact your bank and ensure your financial information/assets are secure.


In the meantime, I'd be happy to lend a hand with your QuickBooks. Can you fill me in on what you're trying to accomplish? Thanks for coming to the Community, I'll keep an eye out for your response.

Re: Can my customer initiate a recurring credit card payment?

Hi @CodeSamurai,


Have you tried to create a recurring Sales Receipt?  This is what we do for all our client’s monthly billing and payroll processing.  Here is a picture of the template (with the sensitive data removed) to show you how we set it up.

Recurring Sales Receipt.png

By using a sales receipt, it is possible to automate a good portion of your fixed billing and reduce your outstanding accounts receivables.  This process can be done with both ACH check or credit cards.


It is very important that you get a signed document from your clients that provides you authorization to charge their account.  I attached a copy of the Intuit provided document to my response. Ultimately with all EMV card reader regulations, you want to make sure that you get this document signed and keep it on file to protect you from charge backs. 


Steps to create a create a recurring transaction:

  • Click the Gear Icon at the top right of the screen.
  • Under the List column, select Recurring Transactions
  • Click the New Button 
  • For Transaction Type select Sales Receipt then OK
  • Provide a unique Template Name (you will be creating one per customer)
  • Select Scheduled and Create 0 days in advance
  • Select Customer 
  • Confirm Email address is correct
  • Choose Automatically send emails
  • Set your Intervalstart date and end date
  • Under Payment Method choose QuickBooks Payments - Bank or QuickBooks Payments - Credit Card
  • Enter credit card details (if possible swipe the card to add the sensitive data as well as to reduce your merchant fees.)
  • Select Save
  • On the sales receipt template add an additional note into a line description or in the message that is displayed on the receipt to inform them that the receipt total will be automatically charged to their account.  If possible, take a copy of the signed authorization sheet from your client and save a redacted copy of the document as an attachment to the sales receipt.  This way when you auto send out the Sales Receipt and the total amount is automatically billed, they have an attached copy of the document where they provided you authorization.


Please note that every state has different laws as about how recurring transactions can be processed so please check with a local expert in your area to ensure that this tip does not break any laws.



I hope this suggestion was helpful!

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Re: Can my customer initiate a recurring credit card payment?



While I appreciate your response as well as others, responding without reading the entire thread doesn't mean it's helpful, no offense. I've explained countless times what I need and what you describe is exactly what I don't need which I stated originally.   


Also, to everyone trying to sell me additional services, I do not want them either.  All I want is the out of the box solution within QBO as I outlined.  Nothing more and nothing less.


Thank you.

Re: Can my customer initiate a recurring credit card payment?

Hi @CodeSamurai,


I am guilty as charged. Sorry, after spending more time to read through the entire thread I realized that you are correct, sorry that none of us have been able to be of assistance.

Best of luck in your quest!


Matthew Fulton

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Re: Can my customer initiate a recurring credit card payment?

I came across this thread while online comparing processing rates for this exact feature.  I have 7 years experience and managing QuickBooks with my last company.


This eliminated QB as a possible choice.  Like CodeSamurai, I hope QB considers doing this in the future.