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Re: Imported Invoice Template (Word)

Thank you for dropping by QBCommunity, PHug.


I appreciate you checking in with us. It's my priority that you're able to print invoices properly.


There aren't any similar reported cases regarding this. I've replicated this on my sample QuickBooks Online account and everything worked fine. Here are a few suggestions to get you to the right place:

  • Switch to an Incognito window or a different browser to see if the problem continues and to determine whether this issue is browser-related.
  • If the same thing happens, then we can proceed to clearing your browser's cache. For instructions see How do I clear the temporary Internet files/cache?.

Additionally, let's make sure your Adobe Reader is on its latest release to prevent unexpected behaviors in the product.


Here's how to update the Adobe Reader on the web:

  1. Go to http://get.adobe.com/reader/. The web page automatically detects your OS and Reader version.
  2. If the web page indicates that a newer version is available, choose Install Now.
  3. Click the downloaded file and follow the instructions.

Please keep me posted on how it turns out. I'd love to hear when you're able to successfully print the invoices. Have a great day.

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Re: Imported Invoice Template (Word)

Hey @PHug,


It's awesome you're using the Import Invoice Template Styles feature, it's quickly gaining in popularity. @NikOcello and I were discussing a custom template for his company. 


A quick thought, have you checked the formatting of the original document prior to importing it into QuickBooks Online? It may be a hidden character/spacing format in Word that is affecting the data mapping. Do you know how to view those in Word (here's a support article from the Microsoft site)?


In case you have any more questions about Import Invoice Template Styles from Word, I will provide a link to the article


Formatting is so important, glad you brought this to the attention of the community! We'll get you up and running in no time. 

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Re: Imported Invoice Template (Word)

Hey @JamesOng,


Thank you for getting back with me. 


I have checked the formatting to make sure that there are no erroneous spaces, etc.  There are none that my untrained eye can see ;-)


I am attaching the template I am using so you may see the formatting I have created, etc.  I believe that I might know where I am having the issue, I just do not know how to fix it.


When I enter more than one item to bill, QBO puts each line on a separate page.  So if I have two items, QBO generates two pages, if there are three items, QBO generates three pages, and so on.


I had an additional response from @SophiaAnnL who suggested that I use a different browser.  I currently use FireFox and so I tried Explorer.  That did not work either.


I appreciate any and all help!






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Re: Imported Invoice Template (Word)

Hey @PHug,


Thank you for being so thorough. You're eyes are seeing a well-formated invoice - so they're perfectly fine! 


It sounds like there may be a data-mapping issue. When you create a template, QuickBooks attempts to interpret the data and assign fields automatically. Did you create the data fields yourself or let the program do it for you? When you upload your template, make sure the data fields are corresponding to the correct location. 


@hectorgarciacpa made a fantastic overview video on importing invoice templates, I highly recommend taking a look


Please double-check your data mapping and keep us updated! TIA

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Re: Imported Invoice Template (Word)


Could you try making the template invoice again and then import it? That could work too.

Re: Imported Invoice Template (Word)

HI @PHug

Sorry I am so late to the party to help with this situation.  I am very familiar with the issue you are experiencing and I was able to modify my custom word template to allow up to 8 line items before it crossed over to a new page.


Couple things to look into:

  1. Put anything you want at the very bottom of the page into a footer before you save the information, this will it possible for QuickBooks Online to add additional lines without pushing your bottom content off the page.
  2. Look at your table structure within the docx file.  You should be creating a couple different tables on the page.  This can be easier to accomplish by using the draw tables function within Word, especially the erase featurDraw Table.pngIn this image you can see where to access the additional table design controls after click on a table in the document.Here is a link to a folder with a couple copies of templates that I created.  The site does not allow you to upload a docx file here so I am hosting them in a google drive. 

I know that the process of testing and checking can take a while so I hope this template helps you out.  Feel free to use it !


 Good luck!


Matthew Fulton ( ParkwayInc)


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Re: Imported Invoice Template (Word)

@ParkwayInc, this is great and love that it comes straight from user experiences. I feel there's a full solution post to be made from this one Smiley Happy.


@PHug, please let us know how it goes!

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Re: Imported Invoice Template (Word)

Thank you for the suggestion.  Unfortunately I have recreated it 3 times and keep getting the same result.


I appreciate any and all help.



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Re: Imported Invoice Template (Word)

In your imported template, you have your invoice detail line only once.  Maybe QuickBooks thinks your invoice only has one line per page, since there's only one detail line.


Have you tried putting multiple detail lines - as many as the page will hold?  Maybe QuickBooks thinks your invoice only has one line per page, since there's only one detail line.


Just a thought...

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Re: Imported Invoice Template (Word)

Thank you for the info.  Unfortunately, I have done exactly that and it did help.


My boss is wanting it to look exactly like it did in QuickBooks 2013 but the templates do not offer the options to change things like the size of the business name and/or color.


We have tried to contact Intuit directly but there doesn't seem to be anyone there who can help us.


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Re: Imported Invoice Template (Word)

Hello @PHug,


I sent you a message with my email address.  If you want I'd be willing to take a look at the template to see if I can figure out what the issue is.