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Re: Wells Fargo CSV vendor import for NEAT Scanner integration

Hi there, @MF_STUDIO,

Welcome aboard to the QuickBooks Community. I can provide information about importing a CSV file from the bank.

The bank details that are brought into QuickBooks depend on the information shared by the financial institution. Since the file you’re using includes auto-generated texts, I recommend contacting Wells Fargo.

They can help check the file and permanently remove the unnecessary texts, so you can generate the reports and map the vendor list correctly into NEAT.

You can view the list of available spending reports in QuickBooks Online at this link. To learn more about importing a bank file to QBO, you can refer to the Upload more than 90 days of bank transactions in QuickBooks Online article.

Stay in touch with me if I can provide any assistance while working in the company, and I’m happy to help. Have a great day.