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James Ellender's Spun Candy Stores are a Whirl of Sweet Growth

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James Ellender's Spun Candy Stores are a Whirl of Sweet Growth



Founder: James Ellender

Business: Spun Candy

Location: London with 7 total stores

Launched: 2013

Since their London launch in 2013, Spun Candy has developed hundreds of designs and flavours of confectionery -- just check out their Instagram to see the huge variety of sweets. Impressively, they’ve opened seven stores around the world. Their product range includes handmade hard rock candy and confectionery, while they also offer candy-making classes to the public.


We caught up with James ahead of QB Connect London, where he will be a featured vendor, to discuss the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur and what he’s looking forward to at QB Connect London February 27-28.


James, how did you get started?

I spent many years in the food industry and I was also lucky enough to travel the world. I was able to explore a range of cultures and consumer behaviours as a result of those two things. This background helped me to identify the potential here in the U.K. for a successful candy business. Once I decided to make it happen, I was determined to apply my passion to my work from the get-go!


Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 10.42.12 AM.pngImage via @spuncandyuk

Where do you sell your products?

We have seven stores - two in London, one in Miami, USA and the others in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Egypt and Oman. The London Spitalfields store is the home of our masterclasses where we teach the ancient art of candy making to hundreds of happy candy makers since its launch in early 2015.


Tell me what your typical day looks like?

A typical work day for me includes a little bit of everything. There’s accounting to be done, selling our products, working on our marketing strategies and recruitment. My favorite part of the day is also the most important to me: managing my staff. I have the pleasure of having a great team around me -- without them nothing would be possible.


What is it like to work for yourself?

Working for myself is so many things: it’s fun, challenging and stressful all at once. We’ve been through so many learning curves along the way as we built our business, and perhaps the most important and key factor I’ve found is to remain persistent. Something else I’ve gained as an entrepreneur is to always challenge my own way of thinking.


What do you hope to gain at QB Connect London?

Our goal is to introduce more people to Spun Candy and our unique products and services.


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Re: James Ellender's Spun Candy Stores are a Whirl of Sweet Growth


In the current times the competition is very high. Expansion powered Growth is the key to surviving.