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How do I run a report with supplier totals?

To get a report on ALL money paid to a supplier for the year, you can run a Transaction List by Date Report. Once the appropriate customisations are made it will reflect all payments made to suppliers.

Note: the Expenses by Supplier Summary report only reflects payments coded to expense accounts, and not true supplier totals.

To get your supplier totals:

  1. Choose Reports from the menu on the left
  2. In the "Go to reports" field, enter Transaction List by Date.
  3. Choose Transaction List by Date.
  4. Set Report period to the correct year.
  5. For Group By select Supplier.
  6. Click Customise.
  7. In the filters, and select the following Transaction Types:
    • Bill Payment (Cheque)
    • Bill Payment (Card)
    • Cash Expense
    • Cheque
    • Card Expense
  • Card Credit
  • Supplier Credit
  1. (Optional) If you want to report on a particular supplier or group click the drop-down menu next to Name and select the appropriate supplier(s).
  2. Click Run Report.

This will create a report that will reflect all payments to your suppliers.

Note: If you need a total for all of your payments, click the Excel button at the top left of the report page to export your report, then total the column.